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Best Friends

I am going to write a little bit more about my school days as this is when I really discovered my kinkiness and learned to enjoy it. It’s also when most of the really horny stuff that I think of when I ********** took place. Sadly it’s a long time ago now and these days I am not nearly so brave or so carefree!   I have mentioned already that I had one special friend at school. Her name was Mandy and I mentioned her in the first account I posted here. Most young girls are exploring their sexuality and so she was not utterly horrified when one day, at the age of fourteen, she caught me, in the swimming pool locker room, with my face buried in the gusset of her dirty knickers. She was so pretty and so sexy, you never would have believed she made such a mess in her knicks, but she did and, she told me, quite deliberately. I was relieved and delighted that I was not so strange as I thought. She kissed me, with her tongue! And she rubbed me through my own knickers until we heard the rest of our class splashing through the foot bath on their return.   We were best friends after that and she quickly joined me as one of Miss Walsh’s ‘special girls’, getting her bottom smacked regularly. Unlike me, Mandy did not suffer corporal punishment at home but loved to see and touch the marks on my bottom and legs from my own punishments, especially when I had been belted.   The first time Mandy actually saw me being punished was quite by accident. She had called for me on a Saturday morning to go to the shops with her, which meant shoplifting underwear in town! I had been given a well-deserved belting the previous evening and I was sore and grumpy when Mum told me I would have to do the washing before I went out. I think I called her a silly old cow and probably told her that it wasn’t fair(!) which was a really stupid thing to do. I was dragged upstairs to the bathroom, ******** of my nightie so just wearing my little white knickers, the ones I had been wearing when Dad belted me the night before so they were heavily pee-stained, (I always wet my knickers when I got the belt or the strap and had to wear them to bed as an extra “punishment” – which I loved!). This was why I was usually disciplined in the bathroom, it made less mess when I peed. I was bent over the bath, my swollen and striped bottom stretching my little knickers with Mum’s hard hand smacking me and smacking me, telling me what a rude and ungrateful girl I was, when the doorbell rang and it was Mandy.   Mum told Mandy that I was getting a good hiding and that she could either wait or come back later. I heard Mandy eagerly opt to come in and wait, even asking Mum if she could wait in my bedroom for me! My bedroom door was opposite the bathroom at the end of the landing, as Mandy knew well, she had made me describe my punishments to her in great detail, while she slipped her hand inside her knickers and rubbed herself off. Mandy even said hello to me as she stood in my bedroom doorway, watching my red bottom writhing, my pee-stained knickers beginning to disappear between my buttocks. I said nothing but I felt my **** swelling and rubbing against the cotton crotch.   Mum would never have cared about an audience and just carried on smacking my bottom. I can’t claim that weeing in my knickers was accidental this time, it wasn’t. I was getting seriously turned on from Mandy watching me having my bottom smacked. She knew about me wetting myself but had never seen it and I hadn’t peed yet that morning so the flood, when it happened, was awesome. Mum went mental, as usual, and grabbed the nearest thing to wallop me with, which was a plastic bath brush. I was genuinely sobbing as smack after smack landed on my bottom and thighs, me urinating into the bath and over the bathroom floor all the while, saturating my knickers. I knew Mandy was touching herself without needing to look and Mum was heedless in her anger.   In the end she threw the brush into the bath with a crash and stormed downstairs. Shortly afterwards I heard the front door slam shut and we were alone. I lay sobbing and panting and writhing over the bath, my bottom and legs a tingling mass of burning fire, little bursts of wee wee still escaping, when I heard a rustling of clothing behind me, then Mandy’s cool hand on my throbbing punished bottom. I allowed myself to be gently stood up and taken across the landing into my bedroom. Through my tears I could see that Mandy had undressed to her pink cotton knickers and white ankle socks. Her little breasts were capped with nipples that looked like thimbles. Her knickers were pulled up so tight I could clearly see the outline of her ***** lips through a dark wet stain on her crotch.   Keeping her hand on my hot bottom all the time, she laid me face down on my bed. I felt the rough nylon bedspread rubbing against my own swollen nipples, making them tingle and my little **** throb inside my wet knickers. I felt Mandy climb on the bed behind me, gently forcing my legs wide apart. Her hand was replaced on my bottom by her lips, kissing my sore flesh ever so gently, her hot breath on my skin causing me to lift my hips, pushing my bottom higher.   The kisses moved to my thighs, where the she traced the swollen welts from last night’s belting with her little tongue. Every single welt was traced, licked and kissed before I felt her fingers at the wet gusset of my knickers. I was thrusting back onto her hand, inches from ******, begging her to make me come as she had done before. I remember she said something like “you smell of ****, you naughty girl!” as she pulled my knickers out from between my swollen bottom. That sensation, of wet cotton dragging over my sensitive little button was enough and I came, bouncing up and down, rubbing myself against my own knickers.   As I slowly calmed down, Mandy smoothed my knickers out over my bum, the cool, wet material soothing me while she admired the slowly drying pee stains, stroking me, telling me I was beautiful and she wanted me to give her a special kiss. Mandy stood up and told me to turn over on my back, across the bed. Standing, she placed her parted legs either side of my head, which was now at the perfect height to give Mandy her special kiss. The crotch of her pink knickers was dark and sticky and she smelled wonderfully of pure sex. She squatted slightly as I kissed her, licked and sucked her through her knickers. As she started to grind her ***** onto my face, I reached behind her with both hands, grabbing her bottom, pulling her knickers hard up into her. It felt so heavenly to have my face buried between my gorgeous best friend’s legs, rubbing my punished bottom on the nylon bedspread to increase the stinging sensation.   Knowing how I liked to **********, Mandy took hold of the waistband of my soiled knickers at the front and began pulling them up against me, rhythmically, in time with the writing of my bottom. My second ****** was even more shattering than the first and happened just after I felt a little hot sticky flood over my nose and mouth as Mandy came on my probing tongue.   We didn’t go to the shops after all but spent the afternoon enjoying each other. I asked Mandy to punish me and she did, taking me across her knees and smacking my bottom for the first time, rubbing me at the same time so I came over her lap.
Tarawetknicks Tarawetknicks 31-35, F 21 Responses Sep 28, 2009

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Great def deserved that spanking, but sounds like it was worth it in the end! :-D

Did your mum or dad ever put you across their knee to spank you , does anyone spank you now !

Yes, frequently and yes but less frequently.

Who spanks you now ?

My girlfriend.

Over the knee and bare I presume what does she spank you for , is it just fun or discipline ?

Spankings are for fun, usually over her knee but I keep my panties on. The cane is for discipline.

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so so erotic hot n sexy




Hi Tarawetknicks. Am I correct in thinking this is mostly a male fetish? I have met or spoken to very few females who seem to really enjoy it. What do you think?

Not exclusively, no! I have had several girlfriends that shared my kink for dirty knickers.

wow you have got me hard

That is soooo damn hot!!!!

Desperately in need of a good smacked bottom, its been far too long!

Well id enjoy smacking it and making you *** from it ;)

long time since i read this are you Tara

Loved this story Tara. I have bee away too long.

Dear Tara, I love the whole 100% of you and if you want to gyrate with pleasure across my knee while I smack your sweet bare bottom you only have to ask. Phil

Hi Peter,<br />
Neither really, or more the second than the first. I'm probably better at writing than I am in person!!<br />

I'm from Essex too. An Essex 'boy' I can remember deliberately getting caught smoking just so I'd get the cane, it never made me pee, but boy did I get hard! I find that both work for me now: either giving or receiving!

Sounds like quite a fan club Tara all wanting to queue up to spank your bottom including me...hope I'm not at the end of the line because I would want you across my knees in your knickers and to wet them that way we would both have wet knickers.

I can not think of ANY better way to spend an afternoon! After that story, I may need to go change my panty's :o)

Spanking on the bare, always the best.<br />
It drives me to crazy erotic heights!

I'd let you. of course, i'd probably be ************ too :P

I lost contact with Mandy after we left school sadly and I too love to ********** while I'm having my bottom smacked, if whoever is doing the smacking will let me!

Thanks again for a well described story. Do still have contact with Mandy?<br />
I sometimes ********** during a spanking on the bare bottom.