Doesn't everyone?
We're all special in that moment. Once the moment is over.....
Probably should continue working on those walls.
bzylady bzylady
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1 Response Aug 25, 2014

I have a few people who were special to me and they remain so. One I have not seen in over 30 years but I still feel close.
Those few people can mean very much. They enriched my life and made a difference.
With EP I have been learning to break down a few walls an open my horizons. It is one of the great things about this site.

I find myself thinking I'm special to someone and then realizing I'm one of many. It's my fault

Maybe. But maybe the other person is just not open enough.
Not everyone tries to be open and honest here. But there are good people that will be up front and let you know before you get to involved.