Thats The Plan...

If santa could bring my girlfriend and I any present we wanted it would be for her to be spit roasted by 2 really big *****. She is dying to try this and I am dying to watch. As long as they give her a good few hours of hard **** and both *** in her mouth that would great. After I have watched and seen them empty their first loads in her mouth I would leave them to it and just listen to them pounding her, if she is comfortable with it I would even leave them completely alone - maybe go to the pub and have a drink knowing she is being ******. I have wondered how she would act different if I wasn't there? Would she do stuff she wouldn't otherwise. She has always said she doesn't like anal but she loves me licking her arse. Maybe she would double team with a **** in each hole? Hope so! Then the next stage would be 3 ***** ******* her. She sucked off 3 guys at school at the same time when she was 14yo so I guess 3 ***** now should not be a problem.

Come on Santa make our Xmas :)
DionMillion DionMillion
1 Response Dec 11, 2012

when it happens you will all be first 2 know, well after her, the 2 guys and me - hopefully her and them will be the only ones that know the full story. leave me to fantasise about what happened after I leave them all at it.