Like a Man

Gnaw away at my flesh and give me skin like Teflon, so all wounding words ricochets off.

Gouge out my eyes and give me laser vision, so I never shed a tear or become mystified under a magicians stare.

Impregnate me with an Iron man’s will, so my faith never falters.

Replace my spine with that of the strongest steel, so I never bow to another’s ego.

Erase all fond and malevolent memories, so I never grieve for long-gone days.

 Turn my heart to stone, so it never flutters with false hope.

Take away my woman’s desire so I never crave for bodily pleasures.

Asphyxiate me with your bare hands so this feeble spirit never resurrects.

umathena umathena
18-21, F
1 Response Aug 14, 2007

take away all human conditions and what's left? We can't shelter ourselves from our human frailtys, but learn to make better decisions and learn from our disapointments. You are a loving caring person, don't let a few bad exsperiences change you.