Yet I Am Too Weak

I really do want to be stronger hell, I even started over the weekend. I picked up my book on the law of attraction. I like the book, it makes tons of sense to me. Yet for the past couple of days. I stay up all night and watch dvds and avoid my roommate. I mean the book is right there and I can see it. Yet, I do not pick up the book.

I spent $60 on a PUA book. Again, I should grab my computer and read it, the book is a PDF. Again, all in the name of getting stronger so I can be happier. However, for some reason I cannot get off my *** and read it.

I look at all my books meant to help me improve. Yet, all I can seem to do is watch DVDs and read about sexual experiences I could not buy with any amount of money. I wish I was stronger. Hell, I need to get stronger. However, this is not fitness where I can graph my progress. Oh well, on the bright side, I can keep my kitty happy until she dies.
ForgottenMale ForgottenMale
26-30, M
Jan 9, 2013