Breasts Are Tied Up Tight And Tortured

it was extremely hot out today so i left my bedroom window wide open so that i could get some air after the sun went downand the air cooled off. i was not worried about someone entering the window because my bedroom was on the second floor.but i was wrong while i was sound asleep three teenage boys climbed into my bedroom window.i was wearing a very short see through nightgown. i lived alone and was not worried because no one could see how i dressed to go to bed.i was suddenly awakened when i was grabbed and was rolled over onto my back.they stared at my 40c breasts showing through the nightgown. my hands were tied to the headboard of my bed. they all had huge grins on their faces looking at my **** as they stuck out. after tyiny my hands one of the boys grabbed hold of nightgown and ripped it off of my i'm laying naked tied up in my bed with three teen age boys getting ready torape me. then one of the boys grabs my breasts one at a time and placed a heavy and thick rubber band onto my breasts causing them to go straight out fro my chest. this was repeated by adding six more of the same onto each breast.then *** clamps was put on to my **** so they could pull my ****.they tortured me for three hour by pulling me by my ****.i was dragged and pulled by my **** around my bedroom and then around throughout my entire house that followed by my hands being untied from the headboard andtied behind my back. they also tortured me betwen my legs. all three of the teenagers decided to ********** me at the same time by the three of them sticking their fingers in my vagina at the same time;wiggling all of their figers inside me causing me too have several *******.after taking their fingers out of my vagina.a rope was tied around my waist.the rope being tied in the back;was put through between my legs and tied to the clamps fastened to my ****.where i was dragged by my **** around through my house again;also torturing my ***** at the same time now.this was done to me for another hour. they finaly decided they had enough fun with me for the night and left the house,leaving me tied up and my breasts tied up with all of those rubber bands.they returned to my house every night to continue the torture tomy breasts;**** and vagina.i was finaly untied six days later.but when i was untied,i was told never to call the police or they would return and the torture would be worse.all of the rubber bands but one was removed from my 40c size breasts as a rememberance from that week.every tome they passed me on the street ;seeing my breasts sticking out as they were they had a free feel of my breasts. when other men saw what the teenagers were doin they all decided to have a free feel of my breasts as not only was my breasts being felt by the three teenage boys but every man walking down the strret as well.
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How cud she let 3 guys torture her? Sounds more like her fantasy rather than reality.

Wow how do you feel about the experience now when you think about it?


Breast bondage is something that women either love or hate. I happen to love it when it is done by my husband. I of course trust him. I have some girlfriends who practice it with their husbands and boyfriends. Always with men they trust. If a woman every desires to nurse children then the tightness on the breast can do permanent damage. Forty minutes is a maximum time to leave the rope on. I am my girlfriends say 30 minutes. Turning red is ok. Turning blue or purple is not. Having them pulled upward until the girl is on her tippy toes is ok for a short period of time. Play with a safe word and stop when she says it. Pulling her around like this story says is fantasy. If it is not then they have ruined her. I have seen dvd's of women being suspended by their breasts. We have one produced in Germany. It is arrousing but I believe it to be computer created. Parts of this story are sexy as several have said, rape is rape. that is creepy

Loved this story ..Thanks

Loved this story ..Thanks

What time can I come round and rape you? ;-)

What time can I come round and rape you? ;-)

Rape is rape.<br />
<br />
It is evil and wrong. <br />
<br />
This story and this group should be taken off experienceproject.

no doubt!

Sounds amazing;-) I'd actually love that to happen to me:-p makes me so wet just thinking about it;-)

This sounds like a complete fantasy, not a bad one though. I would love to read more about the actual rape and not so much about the tying and dragging around although that seems to make you hot cause it humiliates you. I have met 4 women who have been raped for real and have taken psychological damage for the rest of their lives (not being any less submissive though). So; aslong as you choose to be raped, that's fine, but whenever you dont, you will feel the difference.