Please Tie Up My Breasts And **** And Torture My *****

i want someone to grab me. i would love to have my huge 46c breasts tied up very tight and my **** tortured too. please torture my ***** and **** my vagina with your fingers; your **** or anything that you want to. my breasts and my ***** are just waiting for you to torture them any way that you seem fit to do. you can even tie my breasts up and hang me by them as well. i'm willing to do what ever you want.
exposedbreasts exposedbreasts
51-55, F
5 Responses Nov 10, 2010

I'll love to know where you live

I need a woman like you in Sacramento!!!

would love to tie you up an abuse the **** out you. mak you beg for mercey but of corse id be all out of mercy so id just dog you out good. making you my perminant slave

I would love to wind the cord tighter and tighter, your skin so taunt, the lightest touch feeling like claws being dragged over them.

Very hot...I would bind your **** then suspend you by them...make you stand on your tip toes while I take my leather belt and whip your *****....and that's just the beginning