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I Let A Stranger Feel My Boobs

I just got so turned on reading my favourite Nicci Greene novel in Starbucks that I started touching myself under the table. A man glanced over and smiled so I smiled back. When he stood up and went to the rest room I followed him and when we were alone I said, 'I feel really horny would you like to feel my boobs?' he went red with embarrassment and just smiled at me so I lifted up my top and pulled my bra down to expose them to him. He didn't hesitate. He placed his hands on my boobs and enjoyed a good long squeeze before we heard someone coming and I had to cover up. I often wonder what might have happened if we had more time together.
juicyjuggs juicyjuggs 18-21, F 16 Responses Jun 25, 2012

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I would have taken to inside the bathroom and sucked on that swollen ****;)

There may be CCTV in the Starbucks.

That is a great passing encounter!

find a nice park or something or ask him if he knows anywhere secluded then go back to your table

When I was your age young lady ( sorry about the trite remark ) your would have been called a Brazen Hussy and might well have been socially castigated.
However, now, with people in general being less pent up emotionally and far more self-expressive, I have only Praise for your Bold acts of self-actualization ( psychological term, from Maslow, I think - check on Wikipedia ) both in teasing / pleasuring yourself in a public place and especially for approaching a man you found you had an immediate interest in on such an intimate level. Bravo ( but be a bit careful too ).

By the bye, I'll be in Starbuck's at the Mall, second floor, Tuesday at 10 AM.
If I see you there, perhaps I could see how you feel ?

That is stunning. I need to head to the coffee shop.

Like a lil sugar with your coffee? ;-)

Love to visit your coffee shop!

lucky guy..

if i was that man i will take you home with me and **** you that you can not imagine how.


fun times...i met a woman in a museum and we never spoke, we walked around the exhibits and she would stand in front of me and rub her finger tips across my crotch, then at the next exhibit i would brush her *** with my thigh and palm, we would take turns in the crowded museum pushing up against each other, rubbing each other and basiclly feeling each other up, smiling, glancing, problem was we each had a date with us.. it was so sexy i practically raped my date in the stairwell, she didnt know what had me going, and i'm sure the guy following her around got jumped as well...

Wish that was my starbucks. He was a lucky guy

Hot, lucky guy

Oh wow, pleeeeaaasssseee visit my local Starbucks!!!

I gotta drink more coffee!!