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I Let A Stranger Feel My Boobs

I just got so turned on reading my favourite Nicci Greene novel in Starbucks that I started touching myself under the table. A man glanced over and smiled so I smiled back. When he stood up and went to the rest room I followed him and when we were alone I said, 'I feel really horny would you like to feel my boobs?' he went red with embarrassment and just smiled at me so I lifted up my top and pulled my bra down to expose them to him. He didn't hesitate. He placed his hands on my boobs and enjoyed a good long squeeze before we heard someone coming and I had to cover up. I often wonder what might have happened if we had more time together.
juicyjuggs juicyjuggs 18-21, F 12 Responses Jun 25, 2012

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Sweet ! l would of suckled you juicy jugs ! mmmmm

There may be CCTV in the Starbucks.

That is a great passing encounter!

find a nice park or something or ask him if he knows anywhere secluded then go back to your table

When I was your age young lady ( sorry about the trite remark ) your would have been called a Brazen Hussy and might well have been socially castigated.
However, now, with people in general being less pent up emotionally and far more self-expressive, I have only Praise for your Bold acts of self-actualization ( psychological term, from Maslow, I think - check on Wikipedia ) both in teasing / pleasuring yourself in a public place and especially for approaching a man you found you had an immediate interest in on such an intimate level. Bravo ( but be a bit careful too ).

By the bye, I'll be in Starbuck's at the Mall, second floor, Tuesday at 10 AM.
If I see you there, perhaps I could see how you feel ?

That is stunning. I need to head to the coffee shop.

Like a lil sugar with your coffee? ;-)

lucky guy..


Wish that was my starbucks. He was a lucky guy

Hot, lucky guy

Oh wow, pleeeeaaasssseee visit my local Starbucks!!!