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I might be weird, but about all of my encounters have been with strangers, since I'm submissive mostly initiated by them in some bar, or some I met over the internet.  It's not like I can be the submissive **** I am with friends, family or co-workers, so the only alternative is with strangers.  It can be a bit scary, as when you've chatted awhile with someone on the internet and eventually they come over, you know for the sole purpose of using your mouth and ***, you leave the door unlocked and wait, dressed slutty, on the floor for someone you've never met before and have no idea what they look like to walk in and take control.  The scaryiness adds to the intensity, you never really know what to expect, but you allow him to hold our head and use your mouth, you get on the floor on your knees, face on the floor as he pulls our arms behind you and lashes your wrists together with your leash and ***** you as long as he wants.  You can't be sure, will he release you or walk away when he's done and leave you tied?  I guess I've been fortunate and have never been abused, any more than I wanted to anyway.  Once I met a man at a motel, I was instructed to be there ready and waiting for him.  You don't know if he'll even show and you've wasted your money and a couple hours worth of preparation.  When he arrived I was as instructed, laying face down on the bed, pillows under my hips, legs spead, arms holding the headboard.  As he bound my ankles and wrists to the bed I kept telling myself I can't believe I'm allowing him to do this, I'm completely helpless, my whole body shook.  I knew I had to do whatever he wanted, do everything I could to please him, or maybe he could walk out and leave me that way.  I could imagine my name in the morning papers.  He was satisfied with my service, released me and we made arrangements to meet again.  But after that the fear and intensity has dissipated, there's nothing quite like the first time.

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The first time with a stranger is very thrilling and yes there is nothing quite like it. From the time I was forced, as a young teen till I was 26 yrs old, it was a mixture of friends, acquaintances, and strangers. From about this time on it has been only strangers for the exact reasons you stated for yourself. I have had a few instances where I knew what I was doing was stupid, but the thrill of the whole situation was so intoxicating I threw caution to the wind each time and went through with it. Just wanted to let you know you are not the only one that has chosen thusly.

yep nothing like the first time

Meeting guys in bars is dangerout. I don't mind my wife dating others, but I and she want those to be someone she meets under better -meaning safer -circumstances.<br />
<br />
Safety is one of the reasons we haven't met men through internet or craigslist personals. I'm sure most are normal, safe guys, but one cannot be sure.

I have been fortunate, probably more than I realize. I have heard stories of others where the situation didn't turn out so well, and occasionally, although it has gotten better over the past decade, "****" are still a target for abuse. <br />
One of the problems with being deep in the closet is that we don't really have anyone we can tell, we don't have steady friends like us to meet, no one we can tell what's happening. We should, because exactly like you say, if something happens no one knows where to look for us, or even to look for us at all for awhile. Perhaps we can start something here, a circle of friends, where we can post information if we're going to meet someone or do something out of the ordinary, and if we do not check back in within 24 hours, or longer if specifically stated, local authorities could be notified. Just an idea.

Wow, so thats amazing you have had the crap beat out of you or a session turn bad. Take it from someone who has you need to be safer, set up calls let a person know what you are doing and who with. <br />
There are a lot of fakes out there who have no clue what they are doing. <br />
Your story scared me and made me question some of the choices I have made in the past <br />
Please remember be safe and have fun there's nothing better in my book than to be submissive but be save