It's What I Long For

I long for the day when I can be taken as a woman by a woman I know the odds are probably against me but it's what I long for. I feel that if I keep putting the word out that i will find the girl that will take me and treat me like her own and no body else can take my place in her heart. One day I will find the beautiful soul that will want me as much as I want her. Life for me has been very lonely but life wants what it wants and I believe it will provide me with the right person for me. I long to have a woman that longs to be with a woman that will desire her forever as I will find her and never be unfaithful. I'm a one love kind of girl and I hope she is looking for me as fervently as I am looking for her.
RJ43 RJ43
46-50, T
Dec 14, 2012