Black *****

me and my sis where captives for 2 days this all started in a party which was organized by my friend we enjoyed the party and i noticed that two men where looking at us as we both where looking hot after a few looks i ignored them they where black and well built guys one of my friend told me that she will drop both of us and we agreed she dropped us few lane's back as it was getting late so me and my sister started walking home and on the way i told her about those two black guys she told me to ignore it jus then two hands covered our mouths and we were dragged into the car before we could shout for help we both where chloroformed and when i woke up i saw that both of us where tied naked to a pole it was like a basement jus then the door opened and to my shock it was those to black guys they came near and started removing there pants and as my sister was still a sleep they slapped me and my mouth was stuffed with two huge black ***** i was unable to breath and within few mins my mouth was filled with hot *** i had to spit out the *** on my naked body they told that now it was my sister's turn and they did the same thing to her then we were cleave gagged with our scarfs and they left the room and the next day they where back and removed our gags and untied us we both started begging they told that we will be freed today we where excited but before that they pushed both of us on the floor hand gagged us and started ******* it was painfull when the black **** was inserted in my ***** i started crying he started spiting on my naked body i was in no position to see what was happening to my sis then he kept on pressing my boobs then he made me smell his **** he ***'d on my face then wiped my face with a napkin and stuffed in my mouth he kept on ******* me and pressing my boobs then they chloroformed both of us and left us back from where they had kidnapped us
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What if you were tied naked to the pole and he gets carried away? Six powerful punches to your uterus, nine violent punches to your bellybutton and five painful jabs to your boobs? Would you willingly let him take you or has he already?

Wish u would respond to the replys we'd know if your story was just that , or was it worse...

Great story. Sounds like you had a good time

I have been lucky enough to have had a few black men. My most memorable was a wild midnight hookup. If you want to know the whole story just ask.

This should not have happened ... I express my sympathy ... sex should be consential and meant to give and receive explosive pleasure ...

I only know personally a couple of blacks...birds of a feather and all...but most are ok...too bad you had this kind of ex gf was raped by her landlord and loved for me to hold her down and rape her...I guess this kind of stimulation unresolved carries over into adulthood....

good nie for both of you... they ****** you once in two day


damn thats horrible....i hope all those time they abused you both its not been shoot in otherwise you both end up pregnant by those bastards?

did u enjoy it,and would u have it done to u again. please add me.

At least now you and your sister are safe. Best regards.

had agood time, tho, it seems...

sounds like u enjoyed it

U got my **** hard

Exciting glad you're ok