On Plural?!

It always been a fantasy for me. To be there. In a room. In the middle of a circle of men, all lusty and full of desire to take me. All wishing to be the next to be IN me. To be all inside of me, taking me the way they want to. Making their own desires alive and true. Feeling how they take me in so many ways, taking turns, making teams, and all because they want to fill me and take me. Oh! what a fantasy!.... did I wrote it????
Calientita Calientita
31-35, M
2 Responses May 14, 2012

Mmnn, that's really hot

The group needed a logo....did I pick a good one?

Hahahahaha funny pic sweetie!

Wow, to be taken by a group of horny men, to leave just dripping from every orifice... drenched from face to my toes. My stomach full, my bottom full, my skin glistening... yes please! Glad you like the logo.

This comment is just as hot as the story. Drenched and dripping all over, tummy and bottom full of ***, sounds like heaven to me


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