Dressing Husband Up

I love dressing my husband up, its so fun and turns me on so much. Whats also fun is going shopping together for panties, lingerie, outfits and matching outfits, we get some funny looks at the checkout when we buy matching lingerie or outfits and they are two different sizes. Its just clothing and its really spices things up in the bedroom, more woman should be more open minded and playful in the bedroom, they would get a lot more pleasure from there men if they loosened up a bit. I enjoy how turned on my husband gets when I start to dress him, I know he will be more than willing to please me when I have completed dressing him. Having sex while both dressed feels so good, the combination of the fabrics rubbing together feels so good. I enjoy taking pictures of my husband while he is wearing panties or lingerie and also pictures of us together in panties or lingerie. Its so erotic for him to put on a fashion show for me especially after we have went shopping. Check out our profile for more about us.
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3 Responses May 14, 2012

Wish my so felt the same way!

Wonderful article, thank you for sharing. My wife and I know those feelings very well.

Oh how I envoy all of you for being blessed with supportive spouses or SO's in your dual lives, I do so wish it were possible in my life and almost 51 year otherwise happy marriage!<br />
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I love it when I'm shopping with her for her femme items and am always wishing she was buying for me so she might dress me up as the woman I'd love to just once see and be! I enjoy shopping in the Women's and Intimates departments tons more than in the Men's department!