Im There

                             i want to be that someone for someone else. someone they can lean on and come to when they have a question or a problem. their friend or their confidant.

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Thanks to all of you-hugs

I am already your friend and I am ready to become your confidant. Talk to me whenever you feel like it. Hugs!!!

Hey sister I am in here to,you should be beeming,your light I feel is getting brighter with each new day, I love you and I am so glad you are one of my real friends ,so keep it real sister your doing great,,,don'you feel the energy,man I was feeling bad because of some crap that happened to me with this girl in school,I think they think I am crazy,oh well I just hope I can keep the real ones and get reed of the not real ones,well loving you and don't want to be someone else just be you God,Goddess does not make junk, trust me each and everyone of us has this speical place within each and everyone of our hearts is planted this Love and Light seed,and some times the seeds grow fast(they grow fast because this seeds are nutured and loved,feed and watered),only because when they came here their keepers were good and loved God,Goddess,but some times the keepers were not walking in love and light,so the seed,their hearts are still sleeping,and you have to be careful with what you give,be kind and shine forth your lights from within,you all matter ,,,,,,love mary

You make so many people feel special, loved and supported - I am one of them - thank you flour!

thanks to all of you!

You are someone special to me. Your always at my side giving me love and support!

You were one of the first to acknowledge me on this site, you made a world of difference to me. I was in a bad batch, actually googled "I am lonely" and EP was the third on the list. Explored it, signed up, started to write stories, and there you were. I still remember exactly which strory it was. It gave me such a nice picture of you and the kind of person that you are. Thank goodness for you! You helped to bring me back by making me feel like a person again. Doing something like that for a person is priceless. Thank you so much!

i think you already are. for a ton of people! you've proven to be a great friend.