Strange Dichotomy

I find in myself a strange dichotomy of wanting to "plod along with the masses" like Nathaniel Hawthorne and wanting to subjugate all those around me with my (real or imagined) superiority.

Actually, I have found that the desire to be the best stems from a desire to understand all that there is around me. I guess I feel that if something exists and others have understood it then I can and must also. Really it's not about competition. It's wanting to understand the true nature of things so that I can rid myself of my insecurities and truly believe in something. There is so much falsehood floating around freely for all to see while the truth of most things lies secretly hidden in the dirty, dank, dark, recesses where few dare to venture.

I just want to know what others know so I can be the best leader and lover, friend and father.
jeop jeop
26-30, M
1 Response May 10, 2012

I like your post, my favourite part would be the very last thing you have written. Thnx for sharing your story.