What Is a True Friend?????

When I saw that my good friend, My, had started this group I had to weigh in because I am focusing on being the best friend possible to all my friends.  When I think back to the people in my life that were truly my best lifelong friends I can see common characteristics that all these persons share.  I look back to the difficult moments in my life and these were the persons that were always there for me.  They were there to console me when I needed it, to give me honest advice when I needed it, to provide me a little encouragement when I needed it, and to give me a kick in the a$$ when that was needed as well. So what characteristics does it take to be my friend?


In My Opinion a Good Friend:

  • Respects my opinion.  He/She doesn’t have to act on my opinion but I want my friend to listen to what I have to say and vice versa.  I want them to share their opinion with me.
  • Has similar values and/or respects the values that I have for myself.   
  • Has their own interests outside of me.  We can’t spend 24/7 together so I want to have my time with my boyfriend and they should spend time with their significant other as well.
  • Will be truthful at all times  A good friend will tells his/her friend about themselves even when it is painful. You do not want to be a friend that says exactly what your friend wants, you want to tell them truth about themselves even when it may place strain on your relationship. I expect this from my friends and I give them this in return.  I may hurt your feelings but you will always know the truth.
  •  Loves at all times. This kind of friend loves you when you are wrong and when you are right. They don’t have to agree with you all the time but they have to love you anyway.  They love you so much that they will never leave you in good times or bad.  They are a forever friend.


These are the things that I want to be to my true friends.  I try to be the best friend possible and to be there for my friends in every situation.  I hope I haven’t failed you in this endeavor although I know that sometimes I fall short.  I love you all very much.


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Oh Sooner! You are so adorable and you are such a great true friend.

Oh Sooner! You are so adorable and you are such a great true friend.

Sure... I owe you a get together anyway. Want me to bring my guy friend?

Girl, if you could I would let you. I am getting way tired of it! I think I will have a strap on burn party when I am done, want to come?

Gosh HBY we can change and I will wear it for you for a while.

LMAO! I didn't catch that earlier! You are too funny, girlfriend, but the answer is NO, I can't grow one...<br />
<br />
but I can certainly strap one on, and to tell you the truth, the thing is starting to chafe! I wonder if it's the super glue, or the fact that I have had it on so tight for so long now? :)

Thanks Kenny

Anytime my special friend.

Shoot Rog!!!! Think about the Tribute you write for me... It was so beautiful and heartfelt. You are a beautiful man and friend.<br />
<br />
My, I am tearing up just thinking of some of the advice you have given me. YOU ROCK.

Just trying to be the best friend I can be, fg. ILY2.

ILY2 HBY!!! More than I will ever be able to show you in words or actions ever. <br />
<br />
My, ILY2 girl and I am proud to have you as a friend. You mean the world to me and our friendship just gets stronger and stronger every day. You do so much for me and I appreciate you always being there for me.

It is knowing to much about the other person that has gotten us through some very hard times<br />
<br />
but the right equipment does help:D

I am so glad you write for me. You always say it so much better, fg! I started this group because while I could write a simple story in "I Am A Good Friend" or other related groups, this is something that not only speaks to what is, but to the constant process of friendship. The true test of friendship really does happen in the hard times, when truths need to be said and loyalty is commanded. When someone is down, even down and ugly, that's when we have to catch them, hold their head above water and stay the course. Unfortunately, we sometimes find out a "friend" doesn't have strong arms. You have dayum strong arms, fungirl!

FG ~ And this is why you are one of my very Bestest, and lifetime friends. I love you girl.

Di, Thanks for your comments. Your friend is very lucky to have you.<br />
<br />
Libra. Imight be just a little jealous of that. My best friend is a guy but wow I don't think I could be married to him for more than a week because I tell him too much!!! WAAAAAYYYYYY too much.... Now my best gf I could be married to if she could grow the right equipment. HBY Can you do that?

I lucked out and married my best friend<br />
<br />
and he still is.

I agree with you 100% ....I have had many friends. But only one has given me all of that and more since I was 15 years old and our friendship is greater than family...Our both familys have tried to brake us apart many times....But we will never apart and we promis to be together through hate, lost, love sorrows and happiness.....and I am so lucky to have her in my life......<br />
Thank you for sharing.....and I am lucky to have met you too...you are a true HEART........and nobody would dare to deny your friendship...........<br />
xoxxo di........

you're welcome my little monkey.