My Darn Phone

So I recently submitted to my husband. I am a gentle spirit, and I do not, as a rule, argue, get angry much, swear, or anything that other women tend to get themselves in trouble for.  

Instead, I withdraw.  I hide on the computer.  I hide on my phone.  I bury myself in work.  He's working with me in "coming out."  And to put down my phone when I'm around people, especially him.  

Today I was sitting next to him on the couch, I grabbed his hand with my left, and reached for my phone with my right without even thinking.  His glance, his point was all it took to realize my error.  No more intervention was needed.  The phone went down, and I leaned into him thinking, "I will submit to you.  I submit everything, even my phone." and with that, I smiled, pleased to be his.
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8 Responses Dec 2, 2012

Great Job Darling! You have come so far in the last Several months. I am truly proud of you

oh...where to FIND these women???? Any singles out there?

i often wonder what folks would do if ALL of the electronic doo-dads were to go KAPUT, all at once.

Yay! I'm so happy for you and kudos to you:-) It's hard to change habits but you are obviously trying:-)

I am very proud of you in this. It takes a lot of effort to change learned behaviors but you have the right attitude and that is more than half the battle. Keep up the great work I have my eye on you.

Huge step! Very nice :)

Yeah last night he threatened to take my phone away for a week! That made me so scared, so I really have to be vigilant of its use.

He has an iPhone, laptop, etc. he does use his, but doesn't tune us out when he's on them. It's a really bad habit of mine. (Well,and defense mechanism) but, I'm not allowed to do it anymore.

That sounds lovely. I'm so happy for you.