Submissive Couple

Diane loves black men . And she loves to tease me . First , that my wife , that's Diane , my wife puts out and second , that she puts out for black men . 
We were raised in the 60s in NY and the worst thing a good Catholic girl , like Diane , could do was to be a **** . And she was , never all the way , she was a virgin when we married , But she had a rep as a ********** . That was the worst  - except for the un-imaganable . Diane always had fantasies about black men . 
A white Catholic ********** - that was the worst . But a white Catholic married , wife and mother who ****** and sucked ,was a slave , and a ***** for a black man , well that's what she became - and that was the worst . Except for a white Catholic married , husband and father who pimpef his wife , picked up men for her , sucked his wife's black lovers - well maybe , that was the worst . 

Being a **** and being dominated was the thing that turned us on . But the thing that put it over the top was that it was being done by a black man . Nothing could be more humiliating and emasculating . We shared with each other our feelings , but we always wanted to know what turned them on . Sure it was the domination - but what was it like for Maurice and Michael and Al and Ralph and Aaron and all the others .

Tell us how it felt for you .

Michael , Diane's first master , said it was so cool having a hot married white **** , who's husband knew and who had a tiny " white boy "  **** . He said it was the Trifecta for black bulls .
 How was it for you ? 
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1 Response Oct 27, 2011

For me the thrill is in doing things to the white wife that does not do for the husband, either because his **** is tiny or he just can't put the effort in. I have been with women whose husband's **** was as big or bigger than mine, but the woman keot coming back for dickin' from me. I never let any of the men touch me because I wanted the women to feel like the **** for just for them. Some of the women wanted to punish their hubbies by making them wait outside the door, or blindfold them so they couldn't see them enjoy the ****. But I really enjoy when the man is there watching his wife *******...there is no greater experience than when the husband asks his wife if she is enjoying my **** and her eyes roll back, she smiles and says "**** Yes"!

Nice! Yeah, nothing better than seeing the wife in sexual ecstasy from being used by a big **** filling her up.