Pre-summer Update

I know I haven't been active recently, so I wanted to put in an update before summer.

Okay, first things first, my fellow gainers are dropping like flies. In my last post here I told you my Cousin and girlfriend stopped gaining, and now so has my step-sister! I can't blame her though. At her doctor's appointment recently, she was 331 pounds, and very out of shape. Her BMI was 20 points higher than mine because though only an inch shorter, she's more than 100 pounds heavier than me (remember I'm actually not that unhealthy for my weight). For this alone I wouldn't blame her for trying to lose weight, but my my dad and her mom have enrolled her in a fat camp all summer, so it's not her decision anyways. Since it starts early in June, she told me she wanted to get as fat as possible first.

On to my sister. During late April, she got sick for like a week, and lost a bunch of weight, so even though she assures me her gross gain was 15 pounds, she only netted +4.

My step mom is getting steadily chubbier, and judging by the wrappers and whatnot I find in her can when I take out the house's trash, she is snacking a lot.

And finally... me! I have eating a ton, and thanks to her illness, I now outweigh my sister! I'm trying to pop all the buttons on my winter clothes since summer is coming and I'll need new ones next fall anyways. The jeans were easy to pop, and so were most of my sweaters that had buttons. The sweatpants though are harder because they're elastic. I've only got two intact pairs left though. I think I my just take my step-sister's clothes. So, that's what happened, here are the gains:
Me 137, 158, 175, 202+16=218
Sister 148, 181, 189, 210+15-11=214
Step-sister 261, 290, 301, 319+16=335
Step-mom 130, 137, ???, ~148+ ~12=160 (according to today's wii fit. I don't think she does exercises anymore, just to customize her mii. Why she stands on the board to do this I don't know, she doesn't get technology)
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3 Responses May 21, 2012

You had gained 81 pounds at this point and had definitely become fat.

Any updates now?

Thanks for sharing!