But She Doesn't Need Me

She shows me everyday.. when she doesn't call. She shows me when I pour my heart out and she doesn't say anything at all. I understand she's not the "type" to talk about her feelings and emotions. But I wonder if she has any? Can she feel? She says she knows I love her but can she feel it? She try's to be tough... like she doesn't need anyone.  I don't want to take her Independence away... I know she's not going to depend on me. But I want to know that she NEEDS me, in some way. We all want to feel needed. But what does she need me for? What do I really do for her? She never tells me. I don't have to be the air she breathes.... to her, that would just be "smothering".... but there has to be something in me that she needs. TELL ME! Or do you want me to leave? Are you better off with out me? What am I contributing? I want to hear that you need me but I just don't want you to say it to appease me. I want to feel it. I know you could go on with out me. But do you need me.,? I want to be. Let me be... For ****'s sake open up to me!

QueenOfConvenience QueenOfConvenience
22-25, F
Mar 15, 2010