So Lost

was single for six years keep my self for that perfect man .....after meeting him i was told by him how his ex treated him so bad and how he caught her cheating on him. i was feeling so bad for him beauce cheating is sooooooo wrong he never told me that he was ED until after we got married ......when we met first we kiss some times and touch feel and hug but i told him let us wait until when we got married we will have sex and he was so willing i said OMY! what a gentle man he lied to we only hug watch tv kiss on lip never sex no feeling or passion and am so lonely i cant live like this he says he love me, but i need love six yrs with no love, no passion, is very lonely......some one pls help me

forgetitthen forgetitthen
1 Response Mar 25, 2009

so that s the reason why his ex cheated on him , my husband is doing the same to me no love no affection no sex , we are living in the same house , he went out to party with other girls at night , and i stay home by myself , i beleive in faith and i m giving him a chance to come back to me , cause i m real and the other ***** out there are using him <br />
what a tragedy , we wait so long to find mr right and when we did he is just mr worng :( , wish u all the best my dear