Just to See How the Other Half Lives

If I could be female for a while I would be such a ****! I would wear the shortest skirts I could find.

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3 Responses Mar 21, 2008

i want to be a woman for the rest of forever. As Donnas says, in a heartbeat.

I could go for it in a heart beat nothing to hide or feel ashamed about,being able to go shopping and try on cloths get my hair and nails done and date men without looking gay,Just a wish i ask for often.

I think if i was truly a woman for a while the first thing i'd do is probably ********** till my poor new little ***** was sore. But then i'd get up, get dressed in a really cute outfit and go shopping. I'd try on all the cutest dresses and heels i could find. I'd buy lots of lingerie and sit at a make up counter and let someone do my makeup. I'd go to a lesbian bar and try to get picked up by a cute girl. Then i'd go to another bar and let some good looking guy pick me up. I'd let him take lots off pictures of me in my new lingerie and then post them on a web site that guys jerk off to. Once i was done with being crazy, i'd hope to fall in love with a really nice man or woman and live happily ever after.