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I just wish that after all these years of calorie counting, and starving, I'd look decent. I know there are girls that will weight 89 pounds and write this exact same blog, but I am over 200 pounds and am hitting an ultimate low.  I AM FAT. I know this, but I cannot get it off of me.   I've tried everything. The only thing that worked was starvation, but I ended up gettin caught and pretty much forced fed.  I'm a vegetarian.. I don't eat more than one meal a day. 

I know that apparently if you eat lots of healthy things like every hour, you will apparently lose weight. but every time anything touches my lips, my calorie counter goes crazy and makes me feel discusting. What do I do.  No one knows that I'm struggling so deeply with myself.  It hurts, im lost.
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I agree with Aspire7. For years I busted my *** a couldn't hardly lose a thing... I ate 1 meal a day. Now I eat something every three hours. I lost a ton... but it wasn't easy I still have to work out a lot and I completely changed my diet to a low glycemic one... something I fought nail and tooth not to do because I have clinical depression and carbs make seritonin. I still eat carbs, just whole grain and natural carbs only.

Have you gone to a doctor? Maybe something your body doing is preventing weight loss. I have been on a weight loss journey for the last 6 months and have done extensive research and I can tell you by eating only one meal a day your metabolism is probably dragging really bad and your body is probably freaked out and holding onto fat for survival. If you are going to lose weight it is important to understand what the body needs. I really recommend seeing a nutritionist for help. <br />
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I understand the struggle and fear of calories...I count calories all day! I really hope things work out for you! Good Luck!!!!

Thank you for the positive support, just recently I signed up for Boot camp. Hopefully it helps to kick start my bad habits and get myself back on track and getting into shape. I start next week, wish me luck. <br />

Well it could be a chemical imbalance that is keeping you from losing weight. Plus a lot of food people eat are not good for them. Eating small amounts of food every hour to hour and a half will boost metabolism because the body is constantly working to digest the food. But you don't eat big meals then small amounts of healthy food. You break down your dinner, supper and breakfast into smaller meals throughout the day. Plus exercise is beneficial because it gets the whole body active. I could try and make you a work out plan but I need to know your lifestyle.