Please, No!! Its A New Outfit!!

As wet clothes and cross-dressing are my main interests I fantasise about swimming in a dress and lingerie and heels. One especially exciting fantasy is to be thrown in the pool while dressed. Maybe a couple of guys would set about me for being a sissy and carry me to the water's edge and swing me by my arms and legs throwing me into the pool. Everyone would see my stockings and panties as my skirt rode up. Or maybe a bunch of business-suit clad ladies could give me the same treatment, losing their balance in those high-heels causing them to topple into the water beside me.....?

Who wants to throw me in?

chuckerin chuckerin
56-60, M
5 Responses Feb 9, 2010

The more dressed up, the better the experience. And some snooty ladies look so hot with the shocked ex<x>pression on their face. I would just shove them in over and over.

Love to see pictures of you like that.

Oh...I love the idea of suited ladies trying to throw you in and loosing their balance teetering in their heels and falling in with you. Of course, I'd make sure I ended up in the pool too.

MMM, I would love that too, the feeling of all those wet clothes on my body. Just thinking about it gets me excited. Count me in.<br />
<br />
Hugs and kisses, Jessica!

hi hun iwould love to throw you in and then jump in myself and we could keep getting out and throwing each other in now that would be brill<br />
love wendy xx