My Wet Clothes Eperinace And Love Of Getting Wet

Hi All my names wendy and i'm a crossdresser I to dream of getting thrown into a swimming pool or pond, river, in my femm clothes,  I love to get wet in them infact getting wet in any clothes is a turn on for me  at the moment i just have to make  do with the bath or shower, but come the warmer wether I will venture out to find some sucluded place neare a stream pond or river and get bressed and have some fun for a while in my fem clothes.

I  put on panties normaly a thong,suspender belt, sotocking,basque or bra,skirt/dress,blouse, or a top, and last but not leasted a pair of shoes ether court shoes, flat shoes or strapey sandles, wig.

 run the bath  put some bubble bath in make it all foamy then slowly put one foot in then the other one i'm now standing up inthe bath and feel the water around my shoes and feet its so sexy it make me feel ooooooooo so well you know what I meen I then slowly sit down in the water and let the water flow over my stocking  thong and skirt i'am now sitting in the bath with the water up to my waste and feel the soapy water running over me i splash some water over my top to feel the wet fabric on my skin I lie down and the water flows are over me and a can feel the fabric getting wet on my skin its a fantastic feeling and love every moment of this .

i some time have a shower in my fem clothes but its not the same as lying down in a bath full of bubbley water but its good is so so well you work that one out

lots of love and kiss's wendy


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4 Responses Feb 21, 2010

Ah yes...I have been there myself. Getting all dressed up and then wanting to get wet. My fav is to dive in to a pool with all my clothes on, but alas, no pool. Tubs and showers are still fun.

MMM, such a wonderful story. I love the feeling of being wet in my femme clothes. Being thrown in a pool or lake or falling in a mud puddle would really be a turn on. Also would love it to be caught in a rainstorm with another crossdresser and forced to walk all the way home, our clothes getting wet and see thru. Would feel so wonderful.

You sound like a person after my own heart. I too would love to be thrown into a pool dressed as a woman. i too am a crossdresser and I love to be dressed in tafetta and satin and often get myself dressed like this. I feel absolutely wonderful. Only last night I was in the bath with a mixture of hot and cold water all over me and my clothes. I can't wait to do it again. Putting on wet clothes is exciting as well. I would love to have a real woman friend who would indulge me and even enjoy it herself.

Lovely to hear your description of bathing while dressed. Being thrown in is one of my favourite fantasies because you have no power or control. Love and kisses to you, too.