Tickle Torture Me.

Will anyone be willing to tickle torture me?
wing5797 wing5797 18-21, F 64 Responses Jan 14, 2012

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I would, where are you from?

yes please

I would. Mssg me and we can make it happen.

add/message me


I'd love to tickle torture you! Add me!

sounds like fun

hey you should add me to your circle, id love to chat

my mobile number is 8681911159 and mail id is and, can i knw your's

ya, i am interest to tickle tickle spots, can i knw ur most ticklish spot, tickle spots and not tickle spot.......if i tickle u , can u able to control it ...... do u beg to stop, how long u want to tickle u,

18059906618 is my #

which contry u r, i want to tickle u

I will tickle you

R u still ticklish

I learned very quickly that the best defense is a great offense. I have extremely ticklish feet but I learned if I start the tickling and press it, the tickle - ee never gets a chance to return the attack.

Sure, dear :)

I would love to tickle you my dear , First I would have put on a two peace bikini then tie you spread eagled to a bed so you would be totally helpless and gagged so I can tickle you all over , maybe even blindfulled .does that turn you on !!!

if i just knew where do you live...i would love to.

i would love to tickle you


With pleasure, Madame.

that sounds like fun :).. but you should dress sexy while I do it to you..

I would love to !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yea i will

Oh hunny, I would love to tickle torture your pretty little feet with my bag of toe teasers! Be careful what you ask for because you might just get it!

message me if u want to get tickled

i will

i would love to tickle u non stop i am the best when it comes to tickling the best ever

What state do you live in? I am an experienced tickler looking for the right ticklee....

For the rest of your life ;)

yes baby

i d tickle u 24/ 7 bb
add me as a friend plz