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Tickle Torture Me.

Will anyone be willing to tickle torture me?
wing5797 wing5797 18-21, F 63 Responses Jan 14, 2012

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*raises hand*

Depends....just how ticklish are we talking about? :)

I would love to tickle you. Where do you live. Just want to know City and State.

I also love tickling will someone tickle me PLZ

You should friend me.We can chat

At your word. I would love to tickle you. Message me! :)

I'm willing ready and able

Without a doubt

i will

Any kind of way please describe what you would do to me

message me and i will tell you.

I'm a boy who wants to be tickled in anyway and yor cute wing girl


Hey, I don't know who you are, but I hope you're smart enough never to give away info that is too personal online. There are really sick people out there who wanna do way more than just tickle you. You can't even imagine the ways that people would torture you to death, and it wouldn't be no tickled to death either. I mean like, stuff with knives. I know it sounds bad and scary, but you should be scared. Don't ever tell people too much about your location!!!

Thanks! :)

Id love to tie you up and slowly run my fingers all over you starting with the inside of your thighs then all over. And if u let me id tickle your ***** with my tounge. Till you came in my mouth.

Hey. Can I tickle u. Where do u live?

Anyday, anytime! Where u from?

simi valley, ca

Whats ur number and how old r u?

what will it take to tickle you? I would do that in a heartbeat...

As previously noted in a separate story, I'm a screenwriter who has moved from Los Angeles to Long Island. I've functioned as the editor of "movie entertainment" magazines and have twice served as executive producer of horror films. A producer of B-horror films has invited me to tackle a screenplay about a "pretty, ticklish woman" (age oscillates from 20-30 years) who is a prolific artist; she also projects an infectiously ebullient personality. She's delightful! But she's handicapped with extreme vulnerability to even a light tickling application. Her school sorority conspire to tickle-torment the girl as an initiation rite (Q-Tips--inserted into her navel--as well as ice and feathers are subverted into instruments of Grand Guignol torture). She's nearly tickled to death but the agony releases her alter ego--<br />
<br />
I'm intrigued with the concept and would like to rendezvous with a woman who can relate to the above desc<x>ription. I'd certainly furnish the applicant with a list of my professional credits. I'm saddled with a boa-constrictive deadline and would appreciate contact with a woman who can match the profile of this tickle-sensitive character, Thanks for your attention.

Will you just Let me tickle you already !?!?! And I'll let you return the favor

i would love you to.

I would tie you to the bed, ***** you naked and drip honey over your body and lick it off, while tickling you with feathers and fingernails. I would do it mercilessly, enjoying each squeal, each giggle each moan ... you would be mine and I would tickle you until the night came ... then tickle you more

i would love that.

Wooh do that to me

Where is your most ticklish spot? I would tie you in a spread-eagle position and torture your ribs and tummy, they're my favorite part.

those are my spots

What gets me is that many people are offering to tickle u and all that, but have u really gotten in contact with anyone yet through this site ?


sure, why not. i'd love to. i'd lightly sit on your stomach and start at your underarms, then work my way all the way down then back up slowly over and over again for like 2 hours. i'll tickle you right out of your clothes. (>*-*)>

i would love that.

Did you ever get held down and tickled when you were at school? Or held down? Tied up?

I want to tickle you each part of your body. I tie you down very tight and I tickle you without mercy 24h.

i would love that.

Message me

tell me when are you ready :P

I really would like to tickle torture you too, at a point you can't imagine =D

i would love that.

I would like to tie you up and tickle you to tears. and if you beg me to stop I.ll never stop. tickle you from head to toe ;)

i would love that.

I'll tickle you with no mercy what do ever, I'll blind fold your eyes so you can't see a thing, that way you won't know where I am going to tickle you next, and it will make you even more sensative, I'll tie you down by all four limbs, spread you out completely, only let you wears thong, and forget about the time, once your under my wrath, I'll only do what I want to do to you, I'll tickle you non stop for a very long time, I'll get you on all your ticklish spot, and get you all over, I'll touch every part of your body,slowly,running my sharp, pointy, ticklish fingers through you, including your no-no areas, but you won't be able to do nothing about it, becouse you will be completely helpless, and then I'll get you even more, tickling you all night long, with very short breaks, and then get you again, and I won't stop for nothing, even if you scream "STOP!" once you tied under me, your over with >:) is that what you mean by tickle torture ?

yes. i would love that.

That's what I would mean :) where do u live?

Dam, I want you to tickle me. Just reading that made me squirm. Thats exactly how I want to be tickled. Message me. :)

Lol I love being tickled and that just sounds like a freakin night of fun

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I will take care of that sweetheart. I will tie you down and keep yo as my little tickle slave. we could have so much fun togeter;)

i would love that. send me a pic at

When I tickle you,you would wish you never requested to be tickled.I would show no mercy

Where. Do. You. Live.

DEAR Wing 5797,<br />
You look like a beautiful girl. Can you send me a picture of your bare soles, so that I can tickle them constantly? <br />