My Dream Tickle Torture

I want to be tightly tied down to a bed in nothing but a bikini, barely able to squirm, at the mercy of a beautiful woman. She would take her time teasing me, tracing my body with a feather while I shrieked with laughter and anticipation. Then a few more woman would come in, all with special tools to tickle each of the most ticklish spots on my body without mercy. The first women would be torturing me with a feather in and out between my toes, while another tickled the soles of my feet. One would be working on my thighs with their fingers with one hand, and tickling in between my legs with a feather with the other hand all at the same time. Another woman would be standing at the head of the bed. She would cover my upper body with lotion and baby oil making it tickle as much as possible, all of them driving me insane. I wouldn't be able to tell what tickled most. I would suddenly be forced into ****** through their malicious tickles. They still wouldn't leave me alone. They would all keep tickling no matter how much I begged them not to. The woman at the head of the bed would run her fingers down my sides multiple times, then tickle my hips (one of my most ticklish places). The woman tickling in between my toes would then begin to suck them.The woman at the head of the bead would then tickle my armpits with two electric toothbrushes at the same time. Then I would be blind folded and the torture would include all kind of surprises. It would go on for hours with only a very short break. If I had it my way, I would be held hostage and this torture would happen daily, nonstop.
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11 Responses May 29, 2012

I love it

I would absolutely love to do that to you

Mmmmmmmmm... would be glad to help! :-)

You live in north Hollywood?

you live in LA?

sign me up.

Hello tickleme234...I'm tickleme345! :) Great fantasy, by the way. I'd place myself in that situation in a heartbeat.

That's amazing. I've participated in a few of those, I do oils and upper body tickle.

loved it we choud cha sometime it would be a pleasure 2 meet u

Gang tickling can be fun but your tickelrs have to know your body well and make sure they don't de-sensitize you by overtickling you in specific spots. They also need to synchronize their tickling strokes and the areas they each plan to attack so you can feel every torturesome but delicious stroke that each one delivers to your trapped and ticklish body withour totally overwhelming you! I have a feeling you'd be in heaven with that many hands or feathers caressing and tickling your bound body! <br />
<br />
Thanks also for sharing that your hips are a very weak spot on you! This tickler always takes notes. :-)

I do 2

Id LOVE to watch that! Wow!

Ill drink to that! How have you been...havent chatted in a while :( i miss u

Where you @I'll make it happen