Torture Please

I want to be tickle tortured.Held down with no way out. Maybe it's a dare or a hostile situation i don't care! I want to have no say in the matter and have the person tickling me someone i know like a friend.It would just be fun and dramatic.I am sorry if you find this odd but i just feel like i am too confident and should be taught a leson with no say in the matter at all.I would still prerfer it to be a dare so i could make it seem more dramatic. Sadly all i can do is wish and dream but still I WOULD LOVE TO BE TICKLE TORTURED!!!!
daredevilgirl daredevilgirl
18-21, F
11 Responses Sep 4, 2012

I can create a perfect situation for your tickle torture

Where can I sign up?

of course

add/message me

Where do u live if we live around the same area we could set something up

Sounds like fun. Perhaps we can get to know each other a bit more?

I think you are overlooking the torment that can happen between the tickling: the anticipation, the suspense, the teasing, etc.

If I were your friend , I would take you by supprise , like kiddnapping and blind fold you then take you to your room or where ever , order you to ***** to your panties and bra ,throw you on a on a bed or string you up by your wrists or feet ,spread eagled, etc , Your body would be totally vonerable to my every touch of tickle torture . How does that turn you on my dear!!!!

We should chat =)

I dare you - to get in a bikini and get in these restraints and try to take it.

Id be down