Fantasy Of Mine

I want someone to restrain me to a bed and then having my entire body covered head to toe with lotion. Fingers to be racked everywhere on my body from my ticklish feet, ticklish belly, ticklish ribs, ticklish underarms, ticklish sides, ticklish knees, ticklish palms, ticklish knees, ticklish arms, ticklish legs, ticklish hands, ticklish head, and more ticklish places. I want to be tickled for hours without a break.

last sunday, my roommate tied me up and then he tickled me for hours until I wet myself, passed out, and then he resumed tickling me and put me through living ticklish hell but he since dropped out and left the university since he is not a studious student but I would love to relive this moment with someone else.
hanticklish hanticklish
18-21, M
Oct 21, 2012