Arienna's Excellent Tickling Adventure

There aren't many secrets in a town like Warrenton, so by the time Arienna and her male friends woke up the day after the local high school football team won its game with Orchard Farm, 35-21, everybody seemed to have heard about the bet and resulting tickling consequences that had occurred.

Arienna became sort of a celebrity in the town. More than once she would encounter someone on Boonestick Road who wanted to relive the memory. Even the old men were making cracks about how her stomach must feel.

It didn't bother Arienna as much as it just plain got old. Around the middle school she had become a hero to many of the sixth, seventh and eighth graders because she had made good on her bet without complaining and they all thought it was admirable.

They all figured Arienna was going to be rich and famous because she stuck to her principles no matter the consequence. People from all over began to attend Warriors' girls' soccer games just to root her on.

What made it all seem so weird is how Arienna felt whenever the incident at the football game was brought up, no matter who did the remembering. That strange, wonderful feeling of giving in overcame her. She did relive the incident but not the way most of the good people of Warrenton thought she did.

For Arienna, it was a sexy feeling. She felt warm and cuddly inside, like she was loved. In a sense, that's exactly what it was. A nice feeling like she was being hugged overcame her.

Which brings us to the last chapter of what Arienna learned about herself through the willingness to surrender to her desire to be tickled, especially in and around the belly button and the sides of her body.

The community center hosted a big dance for teenagers on the last weekend of school, and Arienna was looking forward to it. Jason had become so much a part of her life, it seemed like maybe something special might happen at this dance.

Now, Arienna was a religious person, and even did some volunteer work at the local church, and fooling around was OK but she had her limits.

Jason just seemed to be so attentive to her recently, even brushing her hair once in a while, and lightly touching her face. He became a romantic sort. She just wanted him to know how much she appreciated it.

On the night of the dance, when Jason arrived to pick her up, Arienna surprised him by wearing a strapless red dress. She had her hair styled and there was nothing out of place. She was the most beautiful girl, at that moment, that Jason had ever seen.

They were on the floor for every dance up to midnight, when it started to break up. Arienna did not want the evening to end though. She knew Courtney's parents were out of town for the weekend and she was holding a party afterward. Arienna took hold of Jason's hand and they went to the party.

Courtney was there, of course, but so was Justin, Ryan, Devin, David, John, Faith, Audrey, Ashley and Nicole.

The lights were dimmed, the IPod set to continuous play and some sort of odd-smelling smoke filled the room.

The discussion got around to Arienna's tickling incident. She didn't really care because she was in Jason's arms and she felt safe.

Someone got the big idea to dare Arienna to find out how much of her body was ticklish. Once the idea took hold, everybody except Jason were trying to talk her into it.

Arienna, in such a state of relaxation, looked up at Jason and saw that he was smiling. She knew he wanted her to accept the challenge.

Arienna agreed, much to the delight of the rest of the party. They cleared off the floor and allowed Arienna to lie on her back. One by one, everybody there started tickling her somewhere over her dress, along her sides, under her (exposed) arms, and around her tummy.

Then she felt her heels being removed from her feet, and someone started tickling the sole and another the toes. This sent new waves of ecstasy through her, new feelings of joy and rapture.

She saw Jason standing within her view, enjoying it all. She was laughing hard and long now, giving in to the pleasure of it all. When she felt someone slide their hand up her ankle, over her calf and to her thigh, she felt like she would burst.

Instead of resisting, Arienna allowed all hands to explore her body. She suddenly understood what she needed, she closed her eyes and sank into a wealth of happiness and pleasurable feelings. She felt as though she were floating on a cloud, laughing and melting all at once.

Arienna barely noticed as her dress was slowly raised and then finally taken from her, leaving her more exposed than ever before. Hands and fingers found every inch of her body, touching everywhere, over her lips, her breasts, her nipples turned hard at the touch, and especially her vulnerable belly button.

When she finally opened her eyes, she became aware she was naked and feeling tingly all over. Her friends gently turned her over and began the same process on her back. She felt wonderful and not a bit embarrassed that so many people could see her naked.

Arienna lost track of the time. Physically she continued to laugh, yet did not resist. Mentally, she was dreaming of being on a cloud and floating over everybody and everything. She dreamt Jason kneeled down beside her and kissed her passionately on the lips.

The night passed and the early morning sun began peaking through the windows. When she became aware of her surroundings, she couldn't understand why she was in her own bed, or why she was wearing a T-shirt and nothing more.

She still warm inside, like she had been engulfed in love. Off in the distance she heard The Band Perry's "If I Die Young." She wondered, for a moment, if she were in heaven. Then her eyes grew heavy and she fell into a deep sleep.

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Nov 10, 2012