Tickle Tortured By Four Young Girls

I'm always dreaming about being tickled by a group of young girls. Four of them will be great! I will be tied up on the table,without any chance to move. They will come through the door chatting and laughing between each other. Two of them will have long nails perfectly polished to red or dark blue colour. The will tickle my feet.. another 2 girls will tickle my body and armpits . They will not ask me when to stop or give me small break... They will tickle torture me as long as they want. I will just feel the pleasure i'm dreaming about... Maybe one day my dream will come true ;)
GrimHawk GrimHawk
31-35, M
2 Responses Dec 9, 2012

Maybe some day your wish will come true my account name is sunsetshimmer223 and like you I have a fetish and it is to be wedgie so maybe someday if we meet we can help each other out sorry I am only one girl not four but I hope it can work for you.

You deserve to be tied and tickled out of your mind baby!

Yes!!! I want to wake up and realise that i'm helpless... tied up to my bed...and then you will come in and.... i will scream like in hell ..... oh yes!!!!

And I have three young specially trained tickle assistants with me. Your torture will be most delightful!
Oh and here in my tickle dungeon no one can hear your screams...

Awesome!!!! And who will start? You? ...