Begging For More

I want to be tied up so that even my feet are restrained. I want to be blinded so that there is no way to know what will happen next. I want to feel fingertips moving up and down my ribs and lower to my inner thighs slowly. I want my calves caressed so lightly and gently that I breathe a sigh of anticipation. The tickler starts to incorporate fingernails every now and then to build up excitement. Fingertips increase speed as they move down into my socks, digging into the most sensitive area of my foot. The sensation makes me quiver out of excitement. The hands move swiftly back up onto my stomach, which is my most ticklish area. My body is spread out, and my stomach moves back and forth with uncontrollable laughter. All of the sudden - the tickling stops. I wonder what will happen next. The excitement makes my heart race as my pale, sensitive body aches for more. Pretty soon I am begging for more. The anticipation makes my inner thighs start to quiver. All of the sudden, I feel bristles scraping hard across my foot, and in between my toes. It catches me by surprise and I cant help but shriek loudly. The fingers move faster and faster in circular motions, and my whole body feels a crawling sensation. I love having no control over this. The fingers move up the back of my neck, and shivers are sent down my spine. They move down my spine tracing my vertebrae before coming to my lower back, teasing me a bit. They speed up again, and I feel tears rolling down my eyes from laughter.
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Jan 11, 2013