The Sisters Of The Feather - A Ticklish Tale Of Sorrority Initiation

My friend, Tickletoes was preparing to enter her freshman year in college. She was from a rather upscale family and her mother was a former member of Phi Kappa Delta and she strongly suggested that she join the sorrority of which she was a memeber of. Her mother knew of the rather peculiar initiation rites that she was subjected to prior to becoming a member of the sorrority and she wanted to make sure that her daughter was well prepared for the ordeal that she would soon face. The day prior for Tickletoes to enter Phi Kappa Delta, her mother took her out to her favorite nail salon to get a pedicure. She wanted her daughter to look her best because she knew about the initiation rite that was to be bestowed upon her but mom didn't tell her what is was Mom suggested something rather eye-catching and offbeat. She told the nail tech that she would like her daughter to have toes of two different colors, alternating each toe. Tickletoes loved the idea and chose red and purple as her two colors. Prior to applying the polish, the nail tech slathered up her feet with a think pepermint scented lotion. As the tech skillfully applied the lotion to her sensitive soles and toes, Tickletoes was squirming around in the chair and giggling. Her mother was smiling ear to ear with a devilish grin as the tech's fingers tickled her daughter's sweet soles knowing that the tickling fingers of the tech would only be a taste of things to come for her daughter. After the pedicure was finished, Tickletoes wiggled her little toes in admiration and just loved how the contrast of each color looked on her toes and was really excitied about the new look.

The next day came and it was rather chilly outside. Mom suggested that Tickletoes wear her fur lined Ugg boots all day without socks to keep her feet warm, soft and supple. Tickletoes just loved how the soft fur felt on her bare feet as she slipped them on. They arrived at the sorrority that evening and knocked on the door. The headmisstress, Serena, opened the door and mom introduced her daughter. They told her that they were expecting her. She told Tickletoes that she would be blindfoled during the initiation rite and not to be frightened. Serena explained that all the girls go through the same initiation rite and throughout the semester and all the girls have a weekly "maintenance" program of the same initiation rite that is bestowed on them as well as being able to partake in the initiation rite of new girls entering the sorrority. She told Tickletoes not to worry and to just sit back and enjoy the experience. Tickletoes nervously nodded her head and said "OK, I want what is best for both myself and the other sisters of the sorrority." Serena was delighted in hearing this and applied the blindfold gently over her eyes. Mom gave her a reassuring kiss before she left and told her not to be frightened.

A blindfoled Tickletoes was led into another room and was seated in a comfy chair. Her hands were tied behind her back as she felt the anxiety within her start to rise. Serena slipped off her Ugg boots and got very, very excited as to what she saw. When she saw her red and purple toes her eyes widened with ticklish anticipation and her mouth started to water. Serena said to Tickletoes "Wow! I just LOVE your pedicure! You have such pretty little feet"! As she said that, she invited another one of the sorrority sisters over to check out the pedi. Misty said "Oh wow! You're toes look soooo...yummy! We are going to have so much fun tonight!" Tickletoes had no idea what they were talking about or why. Serena and Misty assisted Tickletoes in putting her ankles into a pair of padded ankle stocks. Tickletoes couldn't really tell exactly what was going on but she did not resist. The girls closed the upper portion of the stocks and locked them into place. Serena took a short length of string and tied her big toes together then attached her toes to the top eyelet totally exposing her soft skin and completely immobilizing her toes. Both girls then closed their eyes and buried their noses in between her toes and inhaled deeply. "Ahhhh, Serena said. They smell sooooo yummy"! Such an intoxicating aroma of peppermint and natural, sweaty female feet sweating in the Ugg boots all day. The girls were in heaven from the scent. Tickletoes smiled and squirmed as the touch of their noses tickled. Serena said "Oh my, my new pledge, your pretty little painted toes aren't ticklish now are they sweetie? Gee, I'm soooo sorry that you are so ticklish but your mom contacted us and told us how she would always tickle your feet as a little girl and much you loved it"! Tickletoes breathing got very heavy and had a beads of sweat starting to form on her forehead. Serena said "We are ready to begin the initiation rite on this young lady now. My dear, there will be two of us administering the rite to you tonight and there are 5 other girls in this room right now who will be delighting in watching tonight's festivities. We call ourselves "The Sisters Of The Feather" and we all delight in tickling the soft little pink soles of all the girls in the sorrority and the girls in the sorrority delight in getting their soft pink soles tickled as well. You were carefully selected as an applicant based on the reports of your ticklishness by your mother and your peers. Your successful completion of this rite will allow you to become an elite member of both Phi Kappa Delta and the Sisters Of The Feather. You may ask us to stop the initiation rite at any time by uttering the safeword. However the safeword is "supercagilfragilisticexpialidocious" and if you utter the safeword then the initiaion rite would be immediately terminated and so would her application process to be a sorrority member. Are you ready to begin?" Tickletoes said "I can't even say that word to begin with. How I am I supposed to say that while I'm being tickled"? Serena smiled and said " My thoughts exactly. Let us begin"!

After she said that, Tickletoes felt light ticklish caresses of two feathers upon both her sweaty soles. Serena and Misty lightly and methodically applied the sharp tips of two turkey feathers to her soft pink soles. Up and down the feathers went as Tickletoes was squealing in ticklish delight. Serena said "My dear, your little feet are sooooo soft and ticklish! We are enjoying ourselves so much tickling your little feet! Tickle, tickle tickle!" This tickle talk heightened the ticklish sensations Tickletoes was enjoying on her soles and made her even more ticklish. She had such a cute giggly little girl-like laugh and all the girls loved hearing it. The feather torture/pleasure continued as the girls slowly pulled their feathers between her little wiggly painted toes making her giggle and laugh uncontrollably The girl's mouths were watering for a taste of those delicious little toes and after 15 minutes of constant feathering, they started licking and lapping her soles with their hungry tongues. Her red and purple toes just pushed the girls further to apply their tongue tickling techniques to her wet soles and toes. Misty said "Honey, your little painted toes look sooooo delicious that we are going to suck on your toes just like they are little candies!" Tickletoes howled in ticklish delight as the girl's hungry tongues slithered between her little wiggly toes. She said "My ttttttoes are so ttttticklish! Noooo, not my litlle tickly tttttttoes, Nooooooo"! This just drove the hungry tongues of the girls ever more. They sucked her toes and slid their tongue in between while they took their long fingernails and spider walked up and down each quivering soft pink sole. This continued non-stop for another 15 minutes while Tickletoes was laughing and squealing like a little schoolgirl. The other girls in the room were also delighting in watching the sensuous toe torture that their peers were inflicting and were all getting quite heated in watching the process. During the first 30 minutes the girls not only used their feathers and hungry tongues but also lightly slid their long painted fingernails all up and down the sweaty soles and between her little painted toes. Tickletoes sctually started to love the ticklish attention that the girls were lavishing on her pretty little feet.

Selena then announced that her little pledge was doing a fine job thus far but that phase III was now about to begin. She explained that if she survived phase III without uttering the safeword agreed on earlier then she would be a memeber of the sorrority and the Sister Of The Feather. Tickletoes smiled and said "Yes headmistress. I am ready for Phase III" Serena said "Let us begin." Tickletoes then felt a warm slippery substance being applied to her soles and toes by the fingers of the girls. Serena said "This lube will add to the ticklishness of your soft, little soles and toes and take you to new heights of ticklishness that you have never experienced before. Your tender soles have now been properly slipperified for the next phase. Let us begin."

After she said that, Tickletoes heard the sound of two electric toothbrushes. One to her left and one to the right. She swallowed hard and was sweating profusely anticipating the delicious torture/pleasure that was now about to be applied to her quivering soles. As soon as the vibrating bristles

touched her skin she jumped and squealed and laughed uncontrollably. The vibrating bristles danced a ticklish dance all over her slippery soles. Up and down her soles the toothbrush went and in maddening circles and on the soft fleshy part just under the toes. All the girls were smiling from ear to ear and were getting quite aroused watching all of this delicious tickling torment being inflicted upon the new pledge. Serena and Misty then parted her little toes and danced the vibrating bristles all in between. Tickletoes howled and screamed in the torment. On and on the torture continued as the girls watched the clock. Serena said "Your 15 minutes is almost up. Are going to break or are you going to tell us how much you love it"? Tickletoes screamed and said "I love it, I love it! Tickle my little squirmy toes, yes! Ahahahahahahahah! I love it so much, it tttttickles so much! Ahahahahaha"!

Finally the 15 excruciating minutes of toothbrush torture finally passed. The girls turned off their toothbrushes as they looked upon Tickletoes who was a sweating, quivering mass of female flesh. Serena said "Congratulations my dear! You have successfully passed the initiation rite of Phi Kappa Delta and that of The Sisters Of The Feather. You have performed well and it will be a pleasure to have you as a sister of our elite society. With that, Serena and Misty wiped her feet off and released her from the stocks. Serena said "Job well done my dear, you have made both us and your mother very proud. We will be taking in another new pledge very soon. You will be able to watch just as the others watched and then you will be just begging us to put you in the stocks once again. Have a seat and relax while we round up another pledge"!

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