My Little Sister Is A *****!!!!!!!!!!

To get things straight im 21 and my sister is 13. So while my parents were out of town for the week i had to babysit my little sister. So were just hanging out when i start to tickle her. She begs for me to stop but i dont. i tickle her for around 5 minutes before i went to go out with my girl friends. When i come home at around 2am i go a lay on the couch and still wearing the clothes i went out in. i was wearing my expensive miss me jeans and my high heel leather boots under my jeans. on the top i was wearing my white bebe tank top and my bcbg leather jacket. so and way when i sat down on the couch i did not notice the hand cuffs at the head and foot of the bed. my sister snuck around to the foot where she silently cuffed my boots without me noticing. then she smacks my phone out of my hand mid text and stretches out my arms and cuffs my wrists with out even taking of my tight leather jacket. im squirming and squirming and i hear my sister say, "you better save your energy because your gonna be squirming alot more!" and she comes up to me and starts tickling me. She tickled my sides, belly, arm pits, thighs, knees, and my crotch. as im laughing hysterically im begging her to stop. i bribe her with mom which she stole anyway. as i was screaming and begging her to stop she just ignored me a tickled me some more. she stopped 3 hours later when i finally pissed and **** my expensive jeans. and she left me there tied up in that mess for the rest of the morning. I HATE THAT *****!!!!!!!
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I have pictures of the aftermath also. So message me for the pics