Tickled By My Friend For Therapy

Hi, my name is Kevin Jonathan Carter. Some of my friends call me Kevin, or "Kev" and some call me "Jon" or "Jonboy" I am 42 now but this experience happened to me 6 years ago. First let me explain that I have been horribly ticklish on most of my body since a child, but my most deathly ticklish spot is my barefeet bottoms. Once in awhile as a boy I would get held down and tickled by my Aunt Ginny until I wet myself, so it wasn't my fave thing to have done.

But 6 years ago I had been suffering from a depression that just wouldn't go away. One of my female friends is a nurse in a local hospital. She is into Reflexology which is basically rubbing certain areas of the soles of the feet to induce the body to heal. One day my nurse friend, (she is only a friend, not a girlfriend and her name is Jenny), asked me if I would like to try "laughter therapy" to see if it would help with my depression.

It sounded like it could work so I went over to her house one Friday evening and asked how she planned to help me. She said she had helped several of her female friends with depression by making them laugh uproariously, and she did this by tickling them. Jenny thought it might work on me 'cause she knew I am extremely ticklish. She said she never tried it on a guy yet but felt it would be OK with me because we were always just buddies. If any 2 people could keep it platonic we could. We agreed although she would be touching me in ways that would make me laugh we would still keep it from getting sexual.

First Jenny ordered me to take off my shirt, cargo shorts and flip flops to get comfy, (it was summer and she said I'd get too hot otherwise from "extreme  exertion"- little did I know!), leaving me wearing only purple bikini briefs and my dark tan. Then she had me lay down on her rattan couch while she wrapped my wrists and ankles with silk napkins. Jenny then used her hospital restraints to strap my wrists over my head to the arm of the couch on one end. Next she pulled both my legs down tight and fastened my ankles on top of the rattan arm on the other end, making my size 10 soles easy for her to see and reach.

Jenny inspected her work, then asked if I was OK. I said I was but she had me tied so stretched out that I could only move my head, my hands a little and wiggle my toes. Otherwise I couldn't move at all. Then Jenny said she would try tickling my feet for an hour, only letting me catch my breath if she saw my laughing was getting too severe. I was scared to be so completely immobilized but I trusted her, and I really needed Jenny's help to get rid of my depression.

She began by rubbing peppermint lotion into the soles of my bare feet. I didn't realize how bad it was going to tickle until then. It actually tickled A LOT just her rubbing in the lotion. I was giggling already and testing the straps. They were strong! There was no possible way I could break them. I was totally helpless. I gulped and said: "Jenny it tickles already! I don't know if I'm gonna be able to stand this." She replied "Well baby boy, if we're lucky that's just what will happen, that you won't be able to stand it, because its only gonna work if I can make you laugh hysterically long enough til your brain snaps out of your depression."

Jenny was still rubbing the lotion in and I felt my soles getting more and more sensitive. I felt her strong fingers on my arches and suddenly I couldn't stop myself from laughing. "JENNY!" I said, getting very nervous. "Jen...HAHAHAHA I HAHA think hee hee its gonna work but PLEASE Jenny! PLEASE GO EASY hahahahahaha...it tickles already!"

"Thats good honey. Now you're gonna really go nuts when I actually start tickling so keep in mind those restraints are unbreakable. We've had 300 pound bodybuilders come in with the DTs and couldn't break 'em." "You're like 115 pounds soaking wet and only skin & bones so the straps will hold you tight
until I am done tickling, no matter what." "If you struggle real hard you'll just hurt your wrists and ankles but you won't get loose." "Try to remember that, OK?" She stopped rubbing lotion and wiped her hands. "And JonBoy you're way more ticklish even than the girls were so don't hate me for what I'm about to do, 'cause you are in for a heckuva wild ride. Are you ready?"

Suddenly I felt panic start to rise. The straps WERE strong. I was stretched tight. I could do absolutely nothing to escape or stop the tickling. I started having second thoughts. "Jenny...wait please, I - I'm sorry Jen I don't think..."
"No use to wait JonBoy. The sooner we start the sooner you will feel better, and remember I'm a nurse so I'm not gonna let you lose your breath. I'm just gonna make you laugh really really hard for an hour and don't try to beg me to stop 'cause I'm not gonna, no matter what you say."

By then my heart was pounding wildly. Jenny was like my older sister and I KNEW she meant what she said. I tried to stall. "Jenny, wait just a second, please, I think I got to go pee." Jenny sighed and smiled. "Honey that's why you're laying on 3 towels baby. It's gonna happen. Just try to think how good you will feel when its done. OK READY?"

I gulped as I watched Jenny sit down on her little exam stool by my feet, giving her easy reach of my helpless bare soles strapped firmly to the heavy arm of the couch. I could feel my spine tense in fear. I saw her fingers reach up and I clenched my darkly tanned toes savagely, knowing there was nothing I could do. I shut my eyes tightly as she said "OK baby doll, LAUGH FOR ME HONEY!"

At the first touch of her long nails on my silky white arches I lost it. I knew in an instant it was going to be the worst tickle torture I'd had done to me in years.
I had just enough time before the laugh reflex took over to scream "JENNY NOOOO!!! I CAN'T!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!"

In 3 seconds I was completely hysterical. My mind went blank except for blind panic and my desperate struggle to somehow escape the unbreakable straps. I arched my back and pulled with all the strength that raving fear gave me. But I was too little to even stretch the straps a bit so, weakened by tickling, I had to totally surrender my soft, sensitive soles to Jenny's ten torturing fingers. I collapsed helpless while my laughter shrieked out in long bursts until all my air was gone, then a gasp, then more laughing forced out against my will...again and again...out of my control...COMPLETELY!

I heard my own howling madness and knew there was no way I was ever gonna stand it. I was gonna die right there on that couch from sheer insanity. It had been so long since I'd been tied down and had my feet tickled I could no longer take it. Jenny had to know! I couldn't talk for laughing. I couldn't scream out she was killing me!

But her nails just tickled on and on. I was thrashing my head back and forth in wild shakes until snot and spit were flying out my nose and mouth.
The worst thing was I COULDN'T LAUGH HARD ENOUGH! My lungs were being forced to laugh more than I could put out, so I kept losing my breath.
I laughed all the way til my lungs were empty of air but I still laughed, though silent. At the last second I'd GASP for air but Jenny kept tickling so I couldn't keep it up. My reflexes were out of control- my pelvis jerked from side to side but the straps held. THOSE DAMNED STRAPS! The laughter poured out of me so hard
I felt like I was having a stroke. I saw "stars" in my eyes- I was literally being tickled to death!

Just as everything began to go grey I felt the fingernails stop. I lay there panting like I had run a 100 yard dash. PUFF- PUFF- PUFF- GASP!
I finally got enough air to form a word "JENNY!!!" "ST..." Jenny started back up with her nails and the wild laughter cackled out of me again. By then I had lost all strength to struggle so my skinny, tormented body just twitched and jerked to the tickling reflexes. One long gasp, then more torrents of loud, maniacal laughter and suddenly I felt my bladder let go.

For an instant as the pee flowed out through my bikinis and on the towels the laughter slowed, but then it was done and I laughed harder and harder. At that moment I didn't care if I pooped my pants in front of Brittney Speers. I was totally beside myself in the throes of ticklish hysteria and couldn't think of anything else but LAUGH LAUGH LAUGH. I howled, shrieked and cried like a little boy tied up and tickle tortured by a sadistic witch. "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHEEHEEHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! NOOOOO!!!HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!PLEEEASE!!!HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!"

Then I felt something building up in me that neither of us thought would happen. Jenny's unrelenting tickles were forcing me to ******! I tried to

But Jenny kept tickling and I knew it was totally out of my control. I could do nothing but LAUGH, but a minute more and "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
I was ******* hard in my urine-soaked undies but I just twisted and screamed in agony because Jenny didn't even notice. The torture continued,
but worse because I was post-****** hyper-sensitive. "NOOOOO!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! OHHH FFFFFUUUCK!!!HAHAHAHAHA!!!"

On and on it went. I was out of myself. I knew my feet were being savagely tickle tortured 'cause I could feel it. But I endured my body's hysterical reactions to it like I was only a bystander. I drifted in and out of sanity. In my hysterical mind it was like I had been strapped to that couch for days, then tickled and tickled for ages. Through my tears I imagined I was 5 again and Jenny was my Aunt Ginny going "Goochie Goochie"! and tickling my helpless little bare feet until I was squealing, laughing, crying, peeing then going into seizures.

I didn't even know when Jenny finally stopped. I could have heard her calling my name while she wiped me down with wet towels, but I was completely broken & exhausted. Jenny told me later I didn't move when she took off the straps. Just layed there and moaned, so she covered me and let me sleep there all night. I fell into a deep dark sleep like I never knew. I slept without dreams from 11PM that night to after 1PM next day. Finally I awoke and felt dizzy like I had been on drugs. My wrists and ankles were sore and chafed from my terrible struggling but were unhurt. My soles felt extremely alive and tender. Even the touch of the sheet Jenny put over me felt ticklish. I slowly got up and went to her shower. I noticed she had gone to work but left a note:
"Sure hope you feel better JonBoy. I almost killed you last night. Relax. Pancakes in the microwave if you can eat. Love You, Jen".

After that experience my depression was totally gone for weeks, and for days after I felt a rush as if I had snorted some new kind of cocaine.
They say prolonged forced laughter causes the brain to release endorphins same as if you had run a marathon, and I believe it!
It was the most intense physical event in my life since being tickle tortured by cousins as a child, far surpassing even a few incredible climaxes I had during normal sexual intercourse. Being tickle tortured to forced ****** was WAY better than that.

Another thing I noticed is that though I am horribly ticklish and while its being done I'm panicked and feel its terrible torture the
endorphins cause me to "forget" the torturous part of the ordeal and only remember how good I felt after. So I have needed to be strapped down and tickled silly again and again ever since. I am sold on tickling as therapy for depression and stress.
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WHOOOOOOAAAA! What a story! Sounds like something I'd LOVE to do with a certain woman I love....>:-) THEN have her do me the same way! :-)

great story! Hope your doing great!

*ding! ding!* YOUR turn, Lovebird! >:-) Hehehehehehehehehe!!!!

whoa....sly lil smile!

Ready for it, now?......*sly eyebrow wiggle*

Wow. Can laughing like that be addictive? The world would be a happier place. You are a unique kind of guy.

Yes when you are forced to laugh continuously endorphins
are released in your brain that make you "high". It can be
quite habit-forming, both for the "victim" and the person
who has a blast getting off from making you go nuts.

Sounds fun for both. Hope you are over your depression.

Thanks it crops up once in awhile but keeping busy helps and so does
finding humor in dumb things that happen every day. Hope you are doing
well yourself and be free to message me anytime you feel like it. love, K

That's kind. Same to you.

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Hi Stud. How is life treating you? I hope all is well. I am OK, just older and not liking that part.<br />
tickle tickle.

do u know where i can find tickle therapy

I have a friend who does this for me on occasion, (male this
time), but as for "finding" tickle therapy I wish I could tell you!
I even went to 3 tickling "clubs" on the net, offered to be the
"victim" and only got responses from people far away. Man
we need tickling more than ever now- everybody is so sad!

TOO many are sad, my friend! TOO many.....

Lol your storie prepped me out!! :)

I would love for something like that to happen to me.

alicia87 my friend used to do this sometimes twice per week if I had depression coming on or lots of stress, and it "cured" me every time.<br />
But since I've moved up the coast north of Miami she's too far away to give me "laughter therapy", so I'm not doing as good. In this area there are very few people into this and if they are its being kept securely under the rug.<br />
I just met a young friend who has been into tickling and wants to "try me out". He likes male feet so perhaps it will be what we both need. He wants to tickle a VERY ticklish guy's feet, and I need to laugh myself silly for the "cure". Looks promising.

hope it works out good for you.

Yup. Same here.....:-)