Tickle Me Please:(

i would love to be tickled buy guys it s just so much fun to me i want to be tied up till i cant move and tickled to where i can bearly breathe. But before that i want to tickle he guy so it they will thank out revenge on me and tickle me everywhere and at some point i want to be blindfolded so i dont know where them hands are going next anyone want to mail me and tell me what you would do to me ;)
heather1988 heather1988
18-21, F
12 Responses Jan 13, 2011

Used to live there and do visit !!! I could take my index finger and just explore and trace every nuance of your soles, lightly tickling, drawing imaginary figures, stroking tickling driving you mad with laughter for hours...seriously...revelling in your ticklish feet and laughter.

Hit me up Sargentdana70@yahoo

sounds perfect ;)

i am add or message me ;)

You sound like you would be great to tickle :)

oh yaaaaa :)

message me on here

I'm 18 years old and I get turned on by watching tickling videos on Youtube. Ive been wanting to experience what its like to be tied up and tickled. I live in New York City, so If anyone in NYC is looking to experience what its like to be a tickler or to be tickled, just contact me (preferably females with a tickle fetish). 18/male, medium build. Email address: ehoyos92@gmail.com

i live real close to nyc please come tickle me and i'll return the favor :)

jacksonville FL nd add me lets tlk ;)

That sounds amazing!! Where do you live? I would love to give you the tickling of your life right after being tickled by you. sketchym@gmail.com<br />
Email me and ill send you pics of me shirtless I'm sure you'll like what you see

i would love to have you tickle me! as well as tie you up and tickle ur armpits silly! message me if you want to chat

i want to tickle you all over while your feet are covered in baby oil. i would tie you up and blindfold you and tease you til you were satisfied. let me know if u want to make this happen