No Mercy Tickling!!!

My wife who is a very evil and merciless tickler is always seeking out other female partners to team up with her to tie and tickle torture me without mercy for as long as they both or ALL desire, no matter what I say or do, to the point of insanity and far beyond! As extremely ticklish as I am, I seem to be willing and somehow able to endure it even though I beg for crazy with hysterical laughter, struggle against my bonds....and have a love hate pleasure torture relationship with extreme tickling!
We find it very difficult sometimes to find others who share this level of tickling and tickle torture play!
Especially rare to find other women who share this level of tickle play passion!
Where are they?
We are in NY!

TickledToDeath TickledToDeath
51-55, M
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I would love to tickle any girl who will wear sheer to the waist pantyhose will this be you?

Hi!! I'm in Pennsylvania! I'd love to come up and see you sometime and tickle the life out of you!! I have feathers, electric toothbrushes, hairbrushes, q-tips, all kinds of things! :D You'll get the tickle torture of your life!

Hi back! Tickle torture of my life huh? And my wife would help you making it double the threatened tickle torture the life out of me! Where in PA are you?

I'm about 35 minutes outside Reading, PA! I'm between Reading and Allentown.

Hmmmm not all THAT far from NY I guess geographically speaking. Tickle torture of my life huh.....sounds like you are as evil as my wife as a tickler.... ! May take hours to tickle the life out of me.......regardless of the fact that I am extremely ticklish damn near everywhere....

Oh and allow me to add.....even though I am extremely ticklish and struggle wildly sometimes breaking out of my bondage, I have yet to be "broken" although it is a mission of my wife to have me done so and taken beyond.... so, I say to you, BRING IT ON PA Girl!!!!

Challenge accepted. :D Be aware, I have long fingernails too, so it'll be even worse for you, but more fun for me! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!

I reiterate...BRING IT ON!! Show your most evil ler side! No Mercy

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ahem, raise hand. Here in MI. Loved tickling for as long as i can remember. Wrote a TON of stories about it. HAVE FUN:> kootchy kooo!!!!!!!

much closer then sweeden parakeet8157 and nice to know YOU too are an evil fem ler. you should visit new york some time!

Sounds like fun! Never been there.

Now, how sadistic and merciless are you as the tickler? hmmmm? My wife is always seeking evil tickler fem partners to team up with in my tickle torment.....

Now, how sadistic and merciless are you as the tickler? hmmmm? My wife is always seeking evil tickler fem partners to team up with in my tickle torment.....she so wants to destroy me!

very! i bring my tools.

May get quite a few yourself.hehehe

Bring your tools bring your most sadistic tickle torture desires and let loose...

The more the wife wants to form a gang of evil fem lers to partner up with and tickle torture me into insanity and beyond!

Do any of your stories depict how you would be as a tickler in real life or are they fiction and fantasy? Gonna have to check them out!

All real.

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I'm in Sweden! I know, it's too far but I just wanted you to know that we do exist :)

Thanks for responding Violett83! Nice to know there are more evil female lers out there. Too bad you are all way over there in Sweden! If you ever find yourself in the United States, specifically New York, feel free to look us up!