I Want To Be Tickled. And This Is How

i want to be pined down. i want to be tied up feet and armpits. if you want a friend to help you tickle me i wouldn't mind. :) my worst and favorite spot to be tikcled is my armpits. I love it fast and slow, brushes or fingers are the best!! i want to be mercelesly tickled while you talk to me about what your doing so i squirm more and more because the thought of it makes me freak out. you're friend can work my feet while you work my underarms. or vise versa. be creative with it ;)

this is my first time really telling people my fantasy. so let me know what you think :)
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22 Responses Feb 11, 2011

tickle tickle tickle tickle tickle for ur armpit.......

WOW love to do you

I would love to tickle you!

I've got some really good ideas on what i would do for you! Email me Sargentdana70@yahoo

you have the same fantasy as me except i want to be tickle only on my armpits for days

Where do u live now

How tall are you pinkluvv? I wonder if you've ever had those soft, smooth armpits and ticklish size six feet tickled at the same time. I'd just love to see how sensitive you really are by tickling both of those spots simultaneously with fingers and feathers after tying you down so you're unable to escape.

I would love to fullfill your fantasy by tickling you mercilously. message me for more information

my favorite place to tickle a woman is in her underarms and i SO LOVE tickling a woman that especially likes to be tickled there - i think it enhances the experience for both the 'ler' and the 'lee' when they are each focused on 'their favorite spot" - what a match we would make ! ha ha ha - it is also much MORE PLEASURABLE for me (...but not necessarily required) when the 'lee' has some stubble under her arms - i like seeing my fingers stroking those little prickly's and how it feels on my fingertips - my favorite position is when the 'lee' is laid back across a pillow ( ...or something)) at the upper back and the arms tied overhead - the pillow serves as an elevating device that pushes the upper body up and stretches the underarms into a more tight and open position, enhancing the sensitivity and ticklishness of the underarms - in this position the underarms are fully exposed and at maximum vulnerability, and BOY, OH BOY, does that stubble feel nice when the underarms are stretched and tight - i'd love to try this out on you !!! -i KNOW you would like it !!!! - message me and let's talk some tickle !!!

i would love to tie you up and tickle you untill u begged for mercy!

would you like me to do it?<br />
i would do it gladly.<br />

You must be tied firmly but not uncomfortably. Im not into the pain bit. <br />
The material used to tie you musy also be purposefully chosen.<br />
I would select about 10 linear metres of hot pink silk.<br />
I find this colour would convey to you the passion of this sensual act and also the mood of both participants. The fact it was expensive also show my respect to you as a willing Ticklee and also my appreciation of what you and I about to thoroughly enjoy and devour.<br />
I might also wear a masquerade mask or just a robbers blindfold and maybe you would have an eyeless blindfold on .....you wont where Im coming from, will you?<br />
Love you bits,<br />

So then i would place your cute little socked feet in my lap to 'warm them up'. how long would you prefer to be teased and tickled in them before i peeled them off?

i'm loving that fantasy and if you lived nearby i would so make it happen ;) personally i'd tickle your little size 6's and then when you couldn't take it, i'd tickle you a little more and then slow it down. after this you would get a nice massage of course :)<br />
<br />
when you're baiting guys to tickle your feet, what is your go-to tactic?

In addition to fingers, we have some soft silky Japanese calligraphy brushes that we would use all over your bound, naked body! Especially stroking your tender armpits, between your toes and up and down your soles! All the time we'd be verbally teasing you about how sensitive you are... what cute girlish giggles you make, and how much you must love the tickling! "Stop? Why should we stop? Just look how hard your nipples are getting, and how wet you are! Your body can't lie! Hahahaha!"

size 6 is perfect are you getting the questions im asking? lol

do you like getting tied up and tickled helplessly? have you ever been hogtied?pinkluvv

nice nice do you have a foot fetish? do you like your toes sucked?

pinkluvv, do you have pretty feet? what size are they?

pinkluv i love Ur perfect smooth underarms please let me tickle u i mean Ur pits are perfect i must tickle u send me a message and i'll tell u how i'll tickle ;)

where you from? would you be interested in wearing nylons/pantyhose? sorry just really into nylon feet tickling

I love to talk to my female ticklees while I tickle the pee out of them. Its a total power, sex thing for me and Im horny as hell writing this reply.......Many happy tickles to you mate. ;)