Tickling At The Beach

Guys, i bet you already heard about this story... but i'll tell you again! >< When me and my friends went to Beach, i wore a Pink Bikini. And my friends realized that my ticklish spots were totally exposed! When i raised my arm to relaxing, my friends are holing my arms and my feet and then they Tied it... i'm really surprised! and then they tickled my feet and my tummy with feathers.. IT WAS SOOO TICKLE!! But the worse scene hasn't started yet! Finally my friends were tickling my Armpits And Sides slowly with their FInger..... OH MY >< I LAUGHED SO HARD THAT TIME!
evelyntiffany evelyntiffany
18-21, F
7 Responses Oct 7, 2011

Wish I could tickle you in one day

This is a realy awesome story :)

very very nice, can i tickle u

I would love to tickle you!! Please add and message me! :D

I would tickle you for and hour. All over your body. :)

lol....i did already !!!....lol....lol... :)

what a DELIGHTFUL story !!! lol - sorry that i missed all the FUN !!! lol - i'm just sitting here visualizing in my mind, MY fingers gently stroking your tender little underarms with your arms tied-up over your head !!!! - mmmm, mmm, mmmmmm !!!! - gotta LOVE IT !!!! lol

wow. if you really want to tickle me, just send an email :)

Can I tickle you?