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It is brisk evening, and you come to my place like we had talked about to hang out.  However, you don't know that my plans are different from what we discussed.  Instead of just hangin out and watchin a movie, followed by some amazing casual sex, my plan is to put you in the stocks and just go nuts on your feet.
So, you knock on my door, to which I promptly answer and let you in.  The evening starts out as you had thought, we get comfortable and snuggle on the couch and watch "The Girl Next Door," somewhat to help us get in the mood to ****.  Once the movie is over, we meander in my room for what you think is going to be some more amazing sex we like to have.  Instead, however, I have set up the stocks at the end of the bed.  Once you see them, you stop and get a look of terror and frightened excitement on your pretty face because you know what is about to happen.
Before you have the chance to run out of the room, I playfully grab you and throw you onto the bed and begin stripping you of your clothes.
Once I have you completely naked on my bed, I lock you up in the stocks.  After I have your exquisite feet restrained, I grab your arms and promptly tie them above your head, leaving you even more helpless.  Upon completion, I pause to look at my work; your luscious naked body, enormous and delicious breasts, and your wonderfully bald and tight *****.  Grabbing my tickling torture feather, I begin sliding it slowly between each and every one of your toes, making you squeal and contort with pleasure and agony.  The torture lasts several minutes, and after pausing only to let you catch your breath, the process continues as I use my fingers to dig into your soles. 
I wiggle them between your toes; use my nails to slide up and down your soles, and focus on the pads of your feet, making you go insane with laughter and agony.  Every now and then, I stop for what seems like only a millisecond, before continuing to drive you absolutely crazy.  10 more minutes pass, and then I let up to allow your breath to return, all while planning my next move. 
Looking at you, utterly exhausted already, I smile.  The complete helplessness that you feel is impenetrable.  I make a sudden move and you flinch, giving me endless amounts of superior feeling.  I laugh and you make a deeply concerned expression, to which I reply with, “It’s terrible, isn’t it?  Knowing that I am about to do more things to you that you can imagine.  You are completely and utterly helpless and there is nothing you can do about it.  Are you prepared for endless torture AND pleasure?  I sure hope so, because babe, you are in for one hell of a night.”  I lean down to your exposed feet and begin to suck on every single one of your toes.  Not only does this shoot tickles through your whole body, it begins to give you deep feelings of pleasure.
I suck and suck, and lick, and tickle your soles with my mouth, my tongue, my lips, and fingers.  Nothing can top the euphoria you feel at this moment.  As I continue to mouth **** your feet, my hands slither up to your ***** and start massaging it.  The moment I touch your already dripping lips, your back contorts, making your body arc to the ceiling.  The pleasure is unbearable, but I don’t stop.  I keep sucking and I keep massaging, slowly, then faster and faster I start to finger you.  You cry out in pure ecstasy.  Once and again I pause to tickle you harder, then let up, bringing you back to pure pleasure and little torture. 

Please, feel free to contact me if you are interested and are in my area.  Also, if you'd like a custom scenario/story, please do not hesitate to send me a quick message.
InsaneChrist892 InsaneChrist892
22-25, M
May 18, 2012