Fun Times At A Friend's House Last Night :)

So I recently started dating a new guy, who's brother happens to be dating a girl I've had a crush on for a while (yes, for those who missed the memo, I am bisexual). Well, my amazing boyfriend and his brother's girlfriend were sitting on the couch at a friend's house last night. I was getting tired, it had been a long day. So my boyfriend looks at me and says "Baby, you can put your legs in my lap and stretch out if you need to." So I did it, and as soon as I got comfortable I was dozing in and out. Well, I wasn't thinking about the fact that the girl I have a crush on was sitting on the other side of my boyfriend, down by my feet, and she likes to play around and flirt with me. Well, I opened my eyes just in time to see her reaching towards my feet. She glanced over to see if I was awake and I mouthed "Don't you dare" to her. She slowly dragged her nails up my right foot from heel to toe and I squealed and jerked my foot away a little bit, it was still in her reach, but it was away from her hands at that second. Well, my boyfriend knows I'm ticklish, but he's never seen me react quite like that. So he gives me this evil grin, looks at her, and traps my ankles against him so I can't move and they both tickle the hell out of my feet for a minute. I manage to sit up and grab hold of my boyfriend to pull him away and he goes along with me, so our friend decides she's gonna try to reach behind him and get to my sides instead. She manages for a second before I moved so she reaches and gets my boyfriend's side instead. He jumped and when she asked why he tried to cover with a lame excuse, saying he was just surprised and wondering why she was touching him. She called his bluff and got him again, so he got her, and it kept going between the three of us until the friend whose house we were staying at came in and told us it was time for dinner. But I definitely think I've found a couple of new tickling buddies, and who could possibly be better than my boyfriend and the girl I'm crushing on?? I'll let everyone know if there are any more nights like that one! :)
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thats a really cute story. sounds like you've got it made. B)

Sounds like the start of a very fun evening!

Sounds like ur in for some fun and I have a girlfriend of mine who loves to tickle mine and even more so girls feet trust me its a blast!!!