Unworthy to Be Tickled

Id like to be tickled but I dont feel worthy of it because in the past I rarely was and no longer am...so I get the feeling I dont deserve it.

IF someone tickled me now, if it was a little tickle I would pry not smile best as I could. If it was more intense, I would laugh but afterwarsd would feel angry and humiliated.

Wonder if anyone else feels like that?

Jesus one time said, "Daughter, you are worthy to be tickled." but times I dont feel I am.

JesusistheTickler JesusistheTickler
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3 Responses Feb 12, 2009

sorry, 'dislexia' strikes again ! lol - the CORRECT email would be ; stub@007.la

i've been a Christian since i was 9 yrs old and have grown up learning about the Bible but have never seen the Jesus quote you refer to, "Daughter, you are worthy to be tickied" - what is the sc<x>ripture ref for that? - i have also been interested in tickling since i was very little ( about 5 yrs old as i remember it) and grew up LOVING to tickle females, especially in their underarms, through the years but always thinking it is something i should not be inclined to 'like' because of my christianity, but I SO DO LOVE IT STILL !!! - i would be interested in chatting with you more about tickling from the christian perspective and since you say you would like to be tickled and i enjoy doing the tickling maybe we could help each other out with that -you can respond here, or email me if you are not comfortable about chatting here - my email is @ stub007.la - i believe you are worthy to have me tickle you ! lol

Me either hahaha

sure you are! Besides tickling is mostly just for fun - I guarentee I'd give you lots of little playful tickles, but never intending to make you feel awkward. Unless I sofly tickled your sides in a shopping Mall with people staring at us "heeheee me bad!"