OH My.. It Tickles So Much!!!!

I remember when I was around 12 or so there was this girl who lived up the street.  During the summers we spent a lot of time together playing games and going to the beach.  One of our "activities" was our "Tickle Game". The idea was to cause the other to pull away because he/she couldnt stand it.  We would sit facing each other and lightly tickle the insides of each others arms, legs, neck, and tummies with the tips of our fingers, raising goosebumps and causing the other to squirm with sensation.  It was real simple.  Whoever quit first, lost.  We would sit and grit our teeth going through goosebump torture while the other tickled and tickled.  We were pretty young and really didn't understand the implications of all of this.  We just knew we liked it a lot.

Later. as I grew up, I never lost the love of this wonderful feather light tickling.  Also. I have never used this tickling "torture" on a partner who didn't beg for more!  Have you ever been tickled to or.gas.m?


paul4u2c paul4u2c
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2 Responses Feb 24, 2009

my girlfriend turned me onto tickling to ******, at first you're shocked that you react like, but then, after ******, it's torture. I lose a couple pounds by the time she is done with me

LoL I played that game as a kid before too! . . . Only I played with a girlfriend . . .