I Want To Be Tickled

I want to be tickled. I'm so ticklish without skin contact. If anyone wiggles their fingers near my skin, I will laugh. I have many ticklish spots, and some are more ticklish than others. I wouldn't find being tied up or held down. I also would consent to being lubricated with oil or body lotion.

I am ticklish from a genetic trait. My parents are ticklish as well. I see my ticklishness as a strength rather than a weakness. Besides, how is being ticklish bad. All you do is laugh with your heart's content. Some of my friends discovered my ticklishness and exploited it. My friends also tickle me to cheer me up.

My armpits is ticklish. Anything can be used on them, but running circles around them will make me laugh. I also have a sensitive tummy. My tummy is my most ticklish spot. You can blow raspberries on them, and I will laugh loud. Also, poking your finger inside my belly button is excruitating for me. The best method is probably the spider tickle method. One of my friends spider tickled my belly, and I lost control. Then, you can work your tickle magic on my sides. A single feather gliding up and down is super ticklish. Then, you can move on to my ribs. Count them off, and slowly squeeze them, and I will laugh. Finally, my feet is ticklish. It has many nerve points, thus leading to a very ticklish part. Although it isn't as sensitive as my tummy, it is quite similar. As far as I can tell, I have never had people run electrical toothbrushes on my feet. Prehaps it will be tortorous.

There are numerous areas, that is ticklish, but not that sensitive. For example, ticking the palm of my hand will make me giggle. My knees is sensitive to the slightest touch. My neck is the least sensitive, but your get some giggles from me. Also, the strangest thing is, my back is ticklish. Finally, my thighs is ticklish.

I wouldn't meet anyone for tickling unless I know them well. Strangers is out of the option. However, if you are willing to tickle me or have a tickle chat, please add me and send me a message.

dave0903 dave0903
18-21, M
1 Response Jan 17, 2010

hiiii...i can make u happyyyyyyy