Want To Be Tickled

I have no idea why tonight but I want to be tickled so bad it hurts. This seems very weird to me. I want to be tickled all over and laugh so much it hurts. How odd is that? How to find someone to tickle me??

712Pistachio 712Pistachio
22-25, F
9 Responses Feb 14, 2010

i want you to drink alot of soda first then i tickle you till you wet your pants

The first problem is that there are way more ticklers than victims. The second problem is that about 90% of these supposed victims are male ticklers or trolls pretending to be female victims. That's how it's always been.

I know how you feel. I live in New York and I wanna experience what its like to be tickled. If anyone lives in New York and is looking to experience tickling someone, contact me!

I would gladly tickle ANY of the single ladies in these tickling groups. Just wish theres at least ONE in LA.

"How to find someone to tickle you"- a really good question! There needs to be more communication between tickle fanciers so we can "hook up" in the cities and areas where we live.<br />
For us men there used to be the mighty "Jack's Tickling Rack", (the voice of the male tickling community) where guys from all over the country and even the world would arrange to meet for tickling sessions public and private. But alas Jack passed away and the site is no more. Nothing has come up to replace it. There was also TMF, (Tickling Media Forum) and it may still be active but it was 99% female. What we're seeing is that if you're a woman who wants to be tickled by another woman your chances are pretty good. If you're a guy who wants to be tickled by a guy or guys it's rare to hook up. But if you are a woman who wants to be tickled by a man or vice versa, your only avenue is to search the "dating sites", hoping you find someone with the same fetish. Like me I have a roommate who ties me to the bed and can tickle me to near death IF and WHEN he is "in the mood". He is quite good at being a ler, even though before we met he never heard of people tying each other down and tickle torturing. But he has no fetish and just does it as a diversion. In other words "his heart's not in it". I miss my former partner, (who was lost in the Asian tsunami). He had the fetish big time and would tickle me 3 times a day if he could, and he could REALLY tickle me! I mean send me into insane hysterics, which was awesome. I would like to hook up with a guy or girl in my area who's into tickling so I could experience it regularly. It's an excellent remedy for depression and stress, (read my story).

hey 712pistachio--you'll need to mention geography;--what area do you live in? There are closet ticklers everywhere

guys like me would love dearly to talk to a girl feeling the way you do ,..as much as you need to be tickled I need to tickle a girl everywhere until she,s breathless.

I would love to tickle you! I'd do anything to have a girl willingly submit herself to my merciless tickling! How ticklish are you?

I love this, It makes me happy that you want this, It's cool that you'd like something so uninhibited that you can laugh without restraint.. it's quite attractive really. But to answer your questions it is a little wierd (but totally in a good way) and I have no idea how to find someone who would. good luck though xx