Who Likes To Tickle Tummies?

I would adore having my tummy tickled silly one day until I collapse into a quivering jelly-like heap, unable to move from the torture endured by the end of it. I am generally ticklish all over, but I can usually bear foot tickling or armpit tickling. But a heavily tickled tummy is the most overwhelming tickle I have ever and will ever experience. Do you think you could give me this kind of good deep serious belly tickling?

I want to be tied down and stretched out comfortably over a mound of pillows, or some kind of rounded furniture or item, so that my head and my legs hang lower then my bare tummy, which is projected towards the ceiling. I am clothed only in briefs and your deliciously talented hands would have easy access to my completely naked torso. My head has fallen back and downwards with my arms dangling back over the top of it. In this position, I would not be able to see your nimble hands and fingers pleasuring my bare tummy with both light, sensual tickling and deep, heavy and intense tickling, and the anticipation of not being able to see where and when you are touching me will drive me crazy and into a frenzied and ticklish, helpless state. In this position I will be powerless to stop whatever you desire to do to my waiting belly. So as I lie there waiting for the delicious torture to begin, I start to giggle in panic.

You would start by lightly stroking my soft tummy skin, back and forth, and around and round in circles, slowly with your fingertips, and then you also scurry in a few spider tickles all over my tummy ever so lightly with the tips of your nails.  You do this for five minutes or so until it gets me into a twitchy, and on-the-edge giggly state. You will then work me up even more by starting to work your fingers into the deeper muscles and tissues and making sure they get a good tickling, by prodding me sporadically and quickly in all different spots all over my tummy. But I begin to panic because I cant see and so it catches me off guard every time you quickly pinch and prod and poke my exposed tummy all over the place, until I collapse back into fits of laughter, doing my best to bear it because I know it is far from over.

You will then smother baby oil on top of my torso and deeply and slowly massage it into my tummy skin, all over and around my bare sides. This will feel sensual and good at first and you will even get quite low into my upper thighs and nether regions, and I may start to moan. But then you will rake it deep into my ribs, and deeply around my hip bones, starting slowly and then becoming faster and faster, as I start to feel the tickling sensations burying deeper and deeper into me, my skin that has now become uber sensitive under slippery, oily, dancing fingers, I start to laugh harder, and squirm harder, and start begging for you to stop, but you continue tickling me faster and more intensely and I’m rolling from side to side in attempt to escape your clever fingers, but in that position, my tummy can hardly move an inch, and I’m completely helpless, as your hands dig in above my hips, as it nips above and below my navel and then most torturously of all, a slippery and wiggling finger dives into my belly button, deeply and cunningly, causing my entire poor tormented tummy to spasm in utter ticklishness. I am screaming in laughter now, pleading for you to stop, crying that it is too much. Your finger continues to wiggle inside my navel, and your free hand spider tickles my oil slicken tummy all around.

 I’ll continue to suffer the torment and torture and now overwhelming ticklishness without escape for an entire day. By the end of it, my belly is spasming from the ordeal it was forced to endure. And I’ll be still be giggling and and feeling so weak and ticklish that it has completely imobilisd my entire quivering body and I cant even move anymore when you finally unbind me. Which means I cant stop you when you take advantage of this and tickle me silly all over again….  

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16 Responses Apr 5, 2010

I have very ticklish sides, but I'm only effected unless you jab deep into my sides and wobble your fingers. But, for some reason I kinda think it's cool and like being tickled. Only by a few people though.

I have a mad tickle fetish and have tickled others in the past I would love to tickle you

Where do you live and how old are ypu

love it sooo much. I'm squimin' just reading this! I have a VERY ticklish belly also.

jessicashearer, you've got a deal. How do you want to be tickled?

I wished i was tickled

this site seem fun when your talking about tickleish spots :P


The last time I answered something this desc<x>riptive, I was put on about 400 mailing lists for fetish/sex type sites. Fortunately, I always use throwaway email addresses to sign up for social sites. Beware.

Alright.<br />
I work for the tickle corps so , i'll smother lotion on your stomach to make it more ticklish!<br />
Get ready to be tickled ALL DAY

lol u gota be a master at tickleing im sure u are o.o i would allow u over my house dont come with feathers im senetive to those things :) ive hade a couple of people ease my waist even my bf lol

I'll tickle you anytime! Whereabouts do you live?

let me on it :P

Mmmmm... sounds delicious! I would also add using feathers, a soft brush and my tongue to tease and tickle your sensitive bellybutton!

feathers HAHAHA im senetive to those if the feather tuched my waist i would srat laughing and sqiurming :) i have a funny laugh lol its true and my waist lol i think it eatable some times and if your toungue tuched my waist i would squrim and giggle

I have feathers, a soft brush, and other tickling toys as well. Do you think you could bear it?

I'd love to have my belly attacked in such a way, too. I could never have described it as you did, though :3<br />
<br />
@MutualPa: I would... Rather like to see that, if possible...

I'm the man for that job. :)

lol im tickleish on my waist :) i call my bf the bellybotton master he loves to sease and eat off my belly and blow rassberrys on it it tickles a lot lol

haha how good are u at tickleing? o.o im exstreamly tickleish i love it when my waist gets teased and tickled haha... master tickler :) pls tickle me until i cant take it no more :)

Dear Timmaz;<br />
I wrote you recently and presented you with a tickling fantasy, in which your tummy would be tickled in many fiendish ways. If you want to reply, you may. In the mean time, squirm and wriggle to your heart's content.