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I Want To Be Tied Up And Tickled


This would be a new experience for me since no one has ever tied me up and tickled me before. This would also make me more vulnerable, so I would need to find someone who I trust would only tickle me not do anything else to me. I also need to be assured that the tickler would release me and not tickle my private parts. Ever since my friends introduced me to tickling, I had always wanted to experience the other side of fun tickling called "Tickle Torture" in which I am tickled for a given duration without the tickler ever stopping. My stomach, feet, armpits, sides, ribs, neck, back, and my palms are so ticklish so it would be every person dream to tickle me with just my underwear on to their absolute pleasure. I just have to say that videotaping and photographing the session would not be allowed in my case.

gullibleboy gullibleboy 18-21, M 1 Response Oct 25, 2010

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iwould love to