Forced To Hold Pee, And Be Tied & Tickled

It was Friday night after school and i usually drink a lot of water through the day so when i got home i normally had to pee. today it was extra bad because i skipped my morning pee because my brother was in the bathroom, and i drank just as much as usual so i was extremely desperate. my boyfriend had got a key to the house and him and his buddies were mad drunk and were bored so when i walked in they wanted to "hang". i told them i had to pee and everything and my boyfriend got all pissed because he thought it was messing up his plans. he grabbed me while i was grabbing my crotch and ripped off my clothes leaving me naked on the floor. then he carried me to the bedroom while his friends got the beer. once in the bedroom he died me spread eagle to the bed. i nearly thought i was gunna lose it when he did that but i managed to hold on. his friends then came in with the beer and he forced me to drink 4 bottle. while his friends were making sure i was drinking the bottles, his fingers started to drift over my va gina. im extremely ticklish so it was really hard not to wiggle and with the amount of pee inside me, it was so hard not to **** right there. he got pissed that i was wiggling and hit my va gina. he said if i didn't move, i would be let out early. so i tried my hardest not to move but with fingers trailing all over my body now, it was really hard. soon after he started digging into me full on tickling me everywhere. he had my pus sy, his friends had my feet, boobs, armpits and stomach. after 15 minutes of being tickled like this, they got bored again. i thought they were gunna let me go but instead his friends left and it was just us. i begged him to let me pee and he just said no. he untied me and i grabbed my crotch and he flipped out. he put a belt around my abdomin so it pushed horribly on my bladder and made me standup. i was forced to drink 2 more and then he took me to the shower. once i got in the shower, he put a bar on me separating my legs and tied my arm around me so i had no way to help my bladder. although he took the belt off it was still horrible. he turned the hot water on and i was close to losing it. he watched me struggle for about minutes before he started to tickle my bulge and va gina. he then got a vibrator and i knew i was gone. once it hit my ***** i peed everywhere. he took everything off of me and carried me back to the bedroom where we proceeded to do it. i was soo pissed at him at the time i didnt talk to him after for like 3 days.
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looks legit

Wow awesome story