All Women Tickling (Fantasy)

I was walking to the store when suddenly a big white van pulled up to ask me for directions. It was summer so I was wearing short shorts, a tank-top, no bra, flip flops and thong panties..... The driver waved me over to look at a map when two girls jumped out grabbed me and threw me in the van....... They cuffed my wrists and ankles to poles in the van and then said She has the information we need..... They then asked me to tell them what the government was up 2..... I said I don't know, I am a college student and that's it..... The driver said Fine, be that way, we will get the information from u....... They then tied my thighs down and 2 of the 6 women remove my flip flops and asked, are u sure u don't know what we want...... I demanded to be released as I wasn't who they wanted..... The 1st female began to scratch her nails all over my feet and said we will tickle it out of u...... I started to screech with hysterical laughter and tried to break loose..... the 2nd girl attacked my pits with a vengeance which had me in tears from laughing so hard....... The 3rd got a pair of scissors and cut the tank-top down the middle and started tickling my tummy, ribs and under my jiggling breasts........ I was silently laughing on the verge of passing out when suddenly they all stopped and squirted water down my throat. Then the 4th woman started verbally teasing me by saying tickle tickle tickle u naughty girl and then she started tickling my breasts while the others resumed on my feet, pits and tummy...... The 5th woman sliced my shorts open and said oooooooooo girls she is wet..... maybe I should tickle her pretty little ****...... I started shaking my head no as I was laughing uncontrollably....... she began by tickling the outside on my ***** lips and then said tickle tickle precious little **** as she ferociously tickled my helpless **** and made me wetter.... before I could *** the 6th woman started tickling my knees and all were still torturing their designated areas switching on occasion....... My ***** was being licked and I was warned that if I came, I would be more helpless and sensitive...... They all stopped tickling excpt for the ***** and made me *** over and over again..... They asked me for the information again and when I didn't answer, the torturous tickling resumed.... They put my weakened body into an altered bridge position and tickled every inch of me, paying special to my feet and **** making me *** more and more...... I was then asked if I was drained of *** and 5 of them tickled me while the 6th strapped on a huge ***** and ****** me hard making me scream and a combo of laughing from the tickles and crying from not being able to move....... They all took turns ******* me obscenely and in the open as they also continued to tickle me all over......... They let me pass out and then woke me with smelling salts as they started tickling my nipples, **** and *** again....... My feet were also tortured as I begged for mercy....... They drove me to an abandoned camp ground and tied me so I was spread wide open and continued to tickle me and **** me making me beg for release and for mre as now its all I wanted........ They kept me tied as their tickle/sex slave for 2 weeks.... They then drove me home and threatened to do it again if I didn't behave....... I constantly looked over my shoulder and one day they got me again........ This time was FOREVER!!!!!
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4 Responses Nov 1, 2013

That was intense. Probably the most intense tickle fantasy I've heard in a long time.

I wish I could live out my fantasies

That is sexy. Tickling sex slave stories are my favorite

That is my ultimate fantasy

This could happen...

I can only dream lol

that is indeed a very sexy story. I was really really interested in it. I would love to hear more about this fantasy...

Sure anytime u want